Fleezer’s Thoughts On Women & Game


“The Red Pill is the only way out.”


the red pill is the only way in

“man is a superman stretched across the abyss” = old thinking

“man is the abyss”

swim around in it. cross back and forth from one shore to the other often. set up camp on both sides and get comfortable playing in the middle of the rushing stream

resistance is suffering. do not resist. adapt

remember: great camps aren’t made, they’re found and exploited



“the Red Pill world is not comforting”

only initially (like stepping into the super fast batting cage sans warm up – after a few swings you don’t want to be anywhere else)

and then the blue/purple pill world is uncomfortable. sickening even.

and then finally both are comforting

keep going until you reach that place. i promise it exists and you will find it if you just keep going

i think there might even be a place beyond the red pill world…

Sentient’s platinum pill world?

a heavy, grayish-white, highly malleable and ductile metallic element, resistant to most chemicals, practically unoxidizable except in the presence of bases, and fusible only at extremely high temperatures: used for making chemical and scientific apparatus

you are the beaker and she is the volatile chemical mixture

the reaction does not affect the beaker



i believe in the idea of “quality” women

because i know what “quality” means to me

i can filter for signs of “quality”/”potential” in every new hb faster than I ever thought possible (thanks Rollo)

it’s like when you’re trying to find a tiny screw you dropped on the carpet

best thing to do is drop another one intentionally, watch it land and then scan for the missing one

“calibration is key” – some OMG

i’m constantly scanning for that one tiny screw lost in the vast shaggy carpet that is the smp

but because of the mano this does not cost me much energy at all as it happens constantly during my daily life

“always be gaming” – some OMG



is there a “the one”?

of course not

there are millions of them

and hunting for “the next one” is so much fun

i absolutely believe in “the next one”

is that hope?

if so, i’m an irrational hopeful red pilled unicorn hunter

but is a unicorn really a unicorn if they’re everywhere?

maybe unicorn really just means any hb8+ you can ride like a pony

if that’s the case, then hope, unicorns and rational red pill thinking not only can coexist, they must coexist as the only way to hunt magical unicorns is with a totally rational red pill mindset

unicorn slaying = alpha widow creation

notch count important.

alpha widow count also possibly important if you want to be able to catch free range unicorn and get it to clip its own wings for your benefit

rational male superiority = being able to create the emotional roller coaster and totally ride it with her, while not getting lost in your own creation (like she does)



“Make sense with stories.”

hot “maga” babes everywhere – they’re fucking nerds too. so scared and sheltered. just a little exposure to T is enough to get them all silly and tonguetied

if you can game, fuck and meme – they’re more dtf than ever. so fucking slutty. “conserv” leaning girls are the hottest and the sluttiest and the best fucks

why can’t shitlibs one sheet?

why can’t they make sense with stories?

“Funny thread.”

twitter is the toilet bowl of humanity

twitter terrorist = wet introvert maga pussy

girls obviously love love love to see “likes”, “retweets”, etc. they love recognition, but surprisingly for more than just a nice cleavage pic or whatever cuz that gets boring and predictable and really girls like to shiv almost as much as they like to be wanted but surprise surprise they suck at one sheeting too, until you give them the parameters (just like everything else)

girls will admit that they loved to cut heads out of magazines and paste them on different bodies and caption/dialogue them with their friends

this natural drive to rearrange and ridicule can be harnessed:

this is good for early isolation because you can say you need art/office supplies and that won’t be cool to bring to the coffee place – “we’ll do it at my place. just bring your shit and anything we don’t have we can get” (easy bridge to venue hopping/time distortion).

this is good for early isolation because you can say “absolutely nothing sexual happens during redpilling ops” of course bringing up sex and then disqualifying her/choosing the mission

this is good for dhv because you will help her develop instant new skills that she can show off when it suits her needs

this is good because it’s a quick insta date with the girls who get through the maga filters easily. make her qualify for the terrorist group (the goal is to pill all her orbiters and if you tell her that you’re acknowledging that you will not be a part of that group, you are in a different category immediately)

is any of this ideal? of course not. and it’s only for a small subsection of girls, but it beats tinder or whatever else fatty ugos are using these days and instead of fighting the distracting tendencies of tech, harness them to harness the power of groupthink and let her in on a small slice of a new world. lots of nasty shit to talk about too when red pilling, which of course makes the pussy just a little wet. schneiderman is the gift that just keeps on giving.

her: “schneiderman who?”

me: “shut up, white slave, and rub my fucking feet”

anyone who says “don’t talk about red pill with girls” is missing out on a ton of angles of approach, especially with the introverted younger ones who can’t put the phone down



“They are The City! And the city is pretty fucking ugly…”

this is why sniper techniques apply so well to modern city life

methodical patience required

real hbs are like hummingbirds

gotta pay attention and be ready to deploy all tools in the kit when the moment strikes

the rarity of hb8+ might make a guy want to handle each little bird with care


their rarity requires you attempt to crush thier little bird brains at every turn

in this case nature becomes counterintuitive becomes second nature – i fucking ignore and then troll the shit out of every hb i can – at a minimum their first impression of me should include fear (several times old beta friends of mine have entered relationships with girls they orbited in earlier years, girls outside of my social circle. this has brought the girls into my circle and gives them the opportunity to confess that they were “scared” of me when they were younger because of what they “heard about me” – see vanessa trump’s early bf. his “thuggery” was really just selling weed with a gun in the trunk but it got her off plenty because she had no experience – she then wanted a real boss like potus but settled for jr and then ejected as faux boss is no fun

it’s fuck marry kill

and marry and kill are not options



“The top 3 US mainstream models:”

pass. pass. pass.

“BarstoolSmokeshows Instagram page:”

yes. yes. yes.

but i won’t pay for them to visit those locales

or take their pictures

those are not model pics so chances are there is an interchangable beta boy behind the camera for every single one of her mega filtered “glamour shots”

don’t be that guy. be the guy she’s fucking after that guy passes out from all the hard work of being her executive assistant



“I won’t pretend that I understand biology and psychology.”

same here. the idea that women basically inherit the nervous system of their mother, whereas men don’t because of the changes that take place becoming male is pretty wild

so they got the mitochondria and the nevrous system going all the way back to big momma

once you reach the level of fucking where you see her go animal, you see bio awalt

that moment fucks with a lot of guys i think. it don’t matter how much you think she’s into you. in that moment, she will fuck ANYTHING. the code fully expressed

psychology isn’t science like some egghead math speaking beta prof sees it, but it sure is something

i know which class i’d rather be gaming girls in. no contest



I’m starting to think that everybody complaining about everybody else is really just secretly deep down fucking pissed that they aren’t fucking hot chicks. could it really be that simple?

if this guy was emptying into his pieces of choice, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep

all problems caused, and ultimately poorly solved, by betas? are we really trapped in a problem reaction solution downward spiral?

beta = believing reason applies to women the same way it applies to the systematic world men build and maintain for women

that world operates on predictable rules that can be modeled with equations

women’s behavior is very predictable and makes perfect sense, but not if you look at it through the beta lens of “build and maintain”



theory: a woman will lose her shit if she is denied her prostitution experience

it is deep in her roots to fuck as an emotionless transaction

they fuck for all kinds of reasons

almost like the pussy is the only way they can really communicate. we can tease out small differences on their fuck spectrums, but nothing compared to the nuance they experience

that’s why they can “kinda” consent. or “kinda but not really cheat” or “make love” and to us it could, depending on how fucking tanked/horny we are, look pretty much the same

it’s awesome



Her instinct to fuck is what I’m after, and to get to play around at that deep instinctual level in the modern age, I have to play at the emotional level too, mostly to give her plausible deniability and sidestep asd

for seduction, reason is not required



The Rational Male is like a video game cheat code. no matter where you are in the game, you can push pause, travel to Rollo’s camp and quickly and easily upgrade all your equipment, up your hit points, consult with dark arts wizards and then just push pause again to resume your game without anyone knowing you’re not playing fair

and if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like to cheat, even when nobody’s looking… this one doesn’t count



I am fine tuning my game on a daily basis to the point that i can make complete strangers bite their lower lip within 5 min., touch themselves, play with their necklace, blush, giggle, get fucking nervous. i can see the gears turning, juices starting to flow just a little. is my understanding surface level? of course. this is an emerging interdisciplinary field with huge knowldege gaps and massive amounts of bad data and disinformation

telling novices they are novices is no great revelation. a good reminder though because while others are complaining about how a big bully did this or that, I’m simply getting better and better and stronger and stronger and my reference experience set is growing, bombarded by positive feedback and encouraged by just about every straight attractive piece i encounter

if ya’s game had evolved past breifly entertaining club rats he would have kept posting. it didn’t, so he doesn’t

you’re a bitch, ya. i ate your game, kept what was worth keeping and shat out the rest. i practice on 15,000 under 22s and my only weakness is the wife. not because i can’t control it, but because i can. i can afford to be weak whenever i want and indulge in every single thing the world has to offer regardless of the cost

abundance cannot be broken down like pickup can. you gotta feel it.





One Comment on “Fleezer’s Thoughts On Women & Game”

  1. TantumErgo says:


    Thank you for the theory and practice: there’s a lot to digest here, and I will be a regular returnee. 😊

    Your metaphor about women being ‘volatile chemicals’ and men being ‘the beaker’ which contains them, but without being affected by the chemical reaction is gold.


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