The GAME Bloggers Challenge – Tell Me What Game Is and How It Works

Vox had a great point regarding game:

Pick-up artistry is merely the tip on the iceberg of Game. The same elements that the pick-up artists utilize are, necessarily, present in all other inter-sexual relations. So not only does it make perfect sense for Game to be of utility in other applications, it is entirely illogical to claim that it is even theoretically possible for Game to be limited to the art of picking up women.

Yet, I’m still left with the question: What is the best way to convince an entrenched blue-pill beta to take the red pill? You can’t break a beta without a blueprint.

If I had the money, I’d offer all game bloggers $1,000 to come up with the best, say, 10-page tutorial/crash course that a reluctant blue-pill beta could read to get him through the door.

Sure, I can say, “Read this site’s archive, then read this book, then check out this post comment, but surely someone can come up with THE BEST intro – one that most Game bloggers can agree on.

I’m sitting here wondering how I would begin to talk to my young cousin about Game. Seriously, think right now about the first thing you would say to someone new to game. Do you know how you would begin your first sentence? Do you know all the points you’d cover? Do you have great examples to back up your points?

I’m going to make an attempt at it on my own, but I’d love everyone’s input.

My Blue-pill path the Red-pill bliss is:

  1. Ask betas about the Matrix movie and whether they would take a pill that would change their lives and how they view the world, and let them know that practically everything they know about relationships is a lie. If they say they would take the pill, proceed with the next step. If they say they wouldn’t take the red pill, leave them alone.
  2. Read them the definition of Game. Game is …. (See, I don’t know where the best definition is right now and I’ve been reading about game for over a year. I SHOULD know this, but I don’t know the best definition. Seriously, big dog Game Bloggers, have a competition in your comments section for the best fuckin’ definition of Game. Update: Best definition I’ve found is located at the Red Pill Room. My modified definition that Heartiste apparently left one time in a comment, would be  : Game: A tool to transform mundane male personality into mesmerizing so that women find you sexually attractive and other men admire you.)
  3. Show them real-life examples of blue-pill dudes using game to better their positions in their relationships. Heartiste’s Relationship Game Week Post is the best place to begin that I know. Even if the beta isn’t in a relationship, something about seeing real-life relationship stories about how game works shattered my own resistance to accepting that Game was much more than the asshole tactics I thought they were.
  4. Now that their resistance had been shattered, they need a general blueprint. The 16 Commandments of Poon are a good start.
  5. Now we need to get them out there and trying new stuff. Roosh’s books Bang and Day Bang  are great resources for singles, and if they are married, they need Athol’s book/site.
  6. Tell them to read all the archives of all the popular game blogs until they are caught up. A good aggregator of game sites is Viva La Manosphere.

I’m hoping the big dog Game bloggers will take this challenge. I’m hoping that these bloggers will ask themselves how they would define what game is and how it works to a paying client and come up with an outline. I”m trying to think of this as an instructor would create a class curriculum.


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