Red Pill Misstep #1

Even though I take my red pill vitamin daily for over a year now, I still stumble and miss out on saying or doing something that would have been more alpha/ballsy/witty with females I pass. I’m chronicling them here.

I walked into the parking garage and this girl was unpacking her trunk and talking on her phone. She had what one could classify as brick-house-ass – nice as hell ass stuffed into some yoga pants that loved the working she was giving it as she bent over. As I passed her, she said really loudly, “Hello?” as if her connection sucked (or an alpha was ignoring her on the other end). I simply walked by, but a few seconds later I realized I should have said, “Helloooooooo” back, which would surely have made her turn to look at me, at which point I would have winked as she noticed my smirk.

Small failure. Lesson learned. Always be in frame; always game.



One Comment on “Red Pill Misstep #1”

  1. earl says:

    Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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