Beta Male Memories #4

I was in first grade.

Our teacher was out and some substitute bitch lady was filling in.

During the class a girl asked to use the bathroom. Her pass was granted without pause. About a minute later, I realized I had to take a massive diarrhea shit. I asked if I could go to the bathroom and she flatly rejected me, not giving me any reason. I asked again and was rejected. I was young and I knew I should have just said, “Fuck it!” and gone without permission. But the blue pill school system pull was too strong so I didn’t. She finally let me go, and BOY did I, right in my pants as I was going to put the lid down to the toilet in the boy’s bathroom. An explosion of soft, mushy shit in my pants ensued.

I had to shuffle back, with clinched butt-cheeks and tears streaming, to the classroom and whisper to the teach that I had an accident. I had to wait on the principal’s couch for 45 minutes until my mother came and got me. Do you know how fucked up sitting down with a load of shit in your draws is? Shit was everywhere inside my pants, and I’ll never forget the hottest girl in the class coming up to me and giving me my school work.

Fathers, if you have young boys, tell them that if they have to take a shit, don’t take any shit from any teacher and go with or without permission and get your business done.


2 Comments on “Beta Male Memories #4”

  1. Evan McLaren says:

    Abuse is just a medium of human behavior–nothing to see here. But it was striking to me, looking backward, how dutifully and non-controversially I bought into status quos that facilitated my own abuse, and that of classes to which I belong. Nietzsche’s slave mentality and all that. Also nothing new and nothing to see, but we note it and move on.

    • newlyaloof says:

      Usually with the type of blue pill school bs I had to deal with I knew deep down it was bs and would usually only let this shit slide once, then I’d rebel and get sent to the office, but if I had known redpill, I would have instantly rebelled.

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