An Open Letter to Baltimore, MD Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake Regarding In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

Dear Mayor Using-Too-Many-Names-To-Sound-Better Blake,

You support Maryland’s recent successful election measure to give “undocumented” students in-state tuition. Could you answer the following questions for me?

  1. Are you the mayor of an “undocumented” geographical area, or the mayor of a city that has clearly defined borders – thus making it illegal for someone from, say, Frederick (or China or Mexico for that matter) to vote in your elections?
  2. Do you know that without borders, you would not have the current title you have, thus making you the Mayor of An Undocumented Geographical Area?
  3. Do you know that without borders, you could not collect any taxes?
  4. Are you aware that Mexico can’t tax Maryland citizens, but you’re asking Maryland citizens to subsidize foreign undocumented students from such countries – students who, by the way, are still citizens of their home countries and can qualify for all their social programs?
  5. Are you aware that the undocumented students that you want to give in-state tuition to — because they had no say in their parents bringing them to the U.S. and are innocent snowflakes — have fraudulently filled out W2 forms and work permits and know full well they are committing crimes as it says so right on the forms (crimes that would get the rest of us put in jail)?
  6. Mayor, are you aware of how ironic it is that you want us to ignore the borders these undocumented students illegally crossed, but now acknowledge the borders they illegally live within to qualify for in-state tuition?

Mayor, your support of this in-state tuition measure should land you in jail in a lawful universe.  The Maryland GOPs dismal failure in relating this message should land them in the stupid party. Wait!