Why YaReally Need To Learn GAME

This is a compilation of GAME advice from YaReally. Any newbies reading this – read this through, then read it again. Then read it again. Then read it again. Each time you do, you’ll catch a subtlety you misses on an earlier read. Then come back and read it again. This is a work in progress and I’ll update it as time goes.


On the Frame of Mind you need to begin with

YA quoting the Roger Dodger movie: “All right. Here we go. Get this straight. Sex is everywhere, okay? It is all around us. It’s not some distant destination. It’s not Everest. It is right here. You have to attune yourself to it.
You have to bring yourself into alignment. You have to find the zone, Nick. Okay? Do that, and I promise you a whole world will open up. Look at me. I walk around in a state of total receptivity. I’m like a fucking lightning rod.”


On How to Mentally Approach The Journey of Game

You’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity to take charge of your love-life and dominate the world around you instead of pinging off the universe reacting to the world around you like a pinball. It’s a tough road, it’ll take time, but it’ll teach you more about yourself than you can imagine and the payoff will be a life you can’t even imagine at this point.

… accept the pain and shell-shock of what’s happening as a natural thing and eventually overcome it. You find new ways to appreciate the world around you despite it’s faults and you learn to accept reality for what it really is: flawed and imperfect but often filled with good things if you look for them. You realize that people are the same, we all have potential for good and bad, and that all of that is simply societal judgement attempting to solidify shades of grey into black and white for easier processing and teaching to new generations and to keep society stable.

… PUA is a complete overhaul of your life from top to bottom, internal and external, and it’s a slow process to internalize everything. You don’t just read “okay do XYZ and that’ll work” and then do it. You’ll do it a thousand times fucking up or running into unexpected obstacles at different points in XYZ until you learn to handle that stuff and work around it…and the benefits extend beyond the pussy notch count. I can go into a bar as an unknown and walk out with most of the bar knowing me by name, new friends and social circles, invites to parties/events, bartenders bouncers and managers giving me VIP status and remembering me by name, some random makeouts and #s, etc. all stone cold sober.


On Not Fearing Approach Rejection

Rejection is only a rejection of your approach, not of you as a man. They don’t know you, they can’t tell how awesome you are based off the first 30 seconds if you aren’t presenting yourself properly…their rejection is completely not an assessment of your worth as a man. Once you learn to present yourself properly, you’ll get rejected less.

… One thing that might help is to get in the mindset of “I can’t control whether a girl likes me, that’s out of my control, but I can control whether I approach her, or whether I escalate the situation, or whether I try to kiss her, or whether I go for her phone number…so as long as I’m taking action, then that’s pretty awesome, because that’s something I can control and feel good that I’m doing, even if the girl doesn’t like me or it doesn’t work out.”


On How to Open (Direct/Indirect)

You can open with anything, as long as what you open with comes from a place of self-amusement and congruency.

When you think “How should I open this girl?” you’re essentially thinking “What can I say/do to earn this girl’s validation?” and you’re already coming from a frame of having lower value than her.

When you think “What I’m saying is gold, of course she’ll love me, I’m so awesome!” you’re essentially screening her for “Is she cool enough for me to let her hang with me?” and you’re coming from a frame of having higher value than her.

Girls generally pick up on this subconsciously, because they’ve spent their lives having to learn to quickly assess “is this person being genuine/honest with me or are they trying to get something from me?”

A lot of why “Who lies more?” worked so well was because the guys learning it felt like they found the secret invincible formula, so when they approached with it they were approaching from that “This is going to blow her mind, of course she’s going to love me” frame.

Direct worked because the guys who tried it were sick of going indirect and beating around the bush and wanted to just get their intentions out in the open so they were just saying “HEY. You’re cute, I’d kick myself if I didn’t come say hi.” and expecting it to work, so it did.

When you’re out of state and feeling anti-social and just pushing yourself into sets with girls you’re not even into because you feel you “have” to because you’re out sarging, most of your sets will go shitty or not open at all, because you’re just going through the motion and even though “Hey, you’re cute, who are you?” worked the night before when you were on fire and met some super hot chick you were into, now you’re coming from a place of trying to get her validation to appease your ego and so you crash and burn with the exact same line.

Eventually you crash and burn enough that your ego goes “Fuck it, this is horrible lol it can’t possibly get any worse, let’s just fuck around instead of trying to keep our PUA Batting Average flawless!” and then you let go of your attachment to the outcome and start self-amusing and suddenly shit opens for you.

The guys at RSD are opening girls with “DOG. Cunt! Whore!!” right now and it works because it’s amusing to them so the girl can tell they’re approaching from a place of qualifying/screening/testing them VS trying to seek their approval. This is also why Naturals can open with retarded shit that objectively AFCs overhear and go “wtf!! That’s not even funny, it’s just ’cause he’s 6’4″ and rich that she likes him, and she’s a bar slut!” lol Because Naturals are pretty much the kings of self-amusement…somewhere along the way their life circumstances taught them not to take hitting on girls seriously at all so anything they say is coming from the right place, VS the pickup newbie who’s ENTIRE SELF-WORTH AS A HUMAN BEING depends on her being receptive.

You can open just by staring her down and literally not saying anything for a few minutes, you can open by making retarded noises, you can open by shouting her down like she’s in trouble, you can open self-depreciatingly, you can open overly-cocky, you can open with long flourishing elaborate dialogue Russel Brand style, you can open with cheesy “Hey baby, do you like raisins?” lines, etc….the “what” doesn’t matter, it’s the “why” that matters.

Congruency and self-amusement are the key. The rest is just mental masturbation.

… “Triangular Gazing” (look from eye to eye and down to her lips and back up, it shows you’re thinking about her lips/kissing/etc. without being blatant) while she talks.

… End of the day game is like Poker or Blackjack, there’s still elements you can’t control and some random outcomes, but with proper strategy you can heavily tilt the %s in your favor. A lot of anti-gamer types are like “Ohhh look that girl shot you down, so Game doesn’t work, see?? It’s just a numbers game!!” and it’s like, no, it’s just not 100%. But if a guy with no game approaches 100 girls and a guy with game approaches 100 girls, the guy with game is going to succeed a fuckload more consistently.


On Having a General GAME Game Plan

Month 1:
1) Go to a bar on a Friday night. Chat up 5 guys and 5 girls WITHOUT trying to fuck them, just talk about plain normal small-talk (for guys talk about sports/chicks/videogames, for girls talk about relationship advice (pretend you have a girlfriend, this’ll disqualify you as someone hitting on them so they won’t be as on guard or bitchy to you)/congratulate them on whatever b’day, wedding, etc. they’re celebrating/ask them where the bathroom is or for directions to another bar where your “girlfriend” is waiting etc.) and exchange names. Do the same with 1 or 2 bartenders and/or waitresses and/or shooter girls, who are paid to be friendly to you. If anyone asks where your friends are, say they’re coming later but you got there too early, and if anyone asks you where your friends are later in the night, say they got too drunk and stayed in but you hate staying in so you figured you’d come out for a drink. Leave as soon as you finish your 10 sets. For a mixed set of multiple guys/girls, every person you exchange names with in that group counts toward your 10 sets.

2) Next weekend go to the same bar. Chat up 5 guys and 5 girls and say hello to any of the people there who you talked to last week and chat with the same bartenders/waitresses/etc. as last week.

3) Next weekend go to the same bar. Chat up 5 guys and 5 girls and say hello to any of the people there who you talked to last week and chat with the same staff as last week.

4) Next weekend go to the same bar. Chat up 5 guys and 5 girls and say hello to any of the people there who you talked to last week and chat with the same staff as last week.

Congratulations. It’s one month from you reading this very post right this minute. You spent 1-4 hours of each week for a total maximum of about 16 hours of your entire 672 hour month, and you have 40 people who, even if only 25% of them are regulars, gives you a solid 10 people who frequent the bar on Fridays since people are creatures of habit and like to go to their favorite bars, and they know you by name and you can make small talk or flirt with them for social proof.

For month 2, do the same thing, but do it on Saturday night as well, at a different bar.

Now you have two bars where you have a total of anywhere from around 10-80 people who recognize you enough to say “Hey what’s up man, how’s it going, this place is crazy tonight hey?” or do a shot together or what-have-you. You also have anywhere from 4-16 staff members who recognize you and know you by name and will occasionally give you free shots if they’re male bartenders or come up to you and flirt/grope you if they’re female shooter girls.

Do that for 6 months and in half a year you own your city’s downtown nightlife.

Don’t drink more than a beer or two when you’re out, save your money to move to a bigger city with a better nightlife. Also consider getting a roommate where you are now, or moving in with a roommate in a bigger city.

While you save your money up to move, you can enjoy the fruits of your socializing labor in your current city when whatever cute chicks ARE around want to suck your dick because you seem to be the most important high-value guy in the city who knows people at every bar.

Guess what you’re going to do after you move? Same shit, except you’ll be even better and smoother at it because you’ll have done it once before. 4-8 hours of your week for a few months in your new city and you’ll have all the social proof and pre-selection you could ask for, in a city where you have a better selection of hotties to fuck.


On Having A GAME Game Plan for GAME Noobs/Noobs New To The Area

1) be in a venue where EVERYONE feels nervous and anxious (aka a nightclub)

And 2) choose people who seem to have low-value lol

Where do we find this combo? Go to a nightclub and look around, usually along the bars or beside the dance floor. You’ll see a bunch of guys standing around holding a drink not talking, just staring at the girls. They’ll often be solo or in small groups and they look like they’re thinking about talking to girls but they just stand there, occasionally talking to their buddy if they have one. They’ll do this the majority of the night.

These guys are on Death Row. The club environment has overwhelmed them and they’re shell-shocked. They want to socialize but they’re scared as fuck, the same way you are.

So how can you offer these guys value? Right now they’re nervous and scared to approach or talk to strangers…so you can offer value by chatting them up. That makes them go “oh thank god someone is talking to me!!” and you’ll relieve that tension/fear they have because you’re taking the initiative and letting them know hey, it’s cool to talk to people. They’ll be friendly because you’re rescuing them from the shell-shocked state they were in so they’re GRATEFUL that you started a conversation.

These guys aren’t going to be rockstar player badasses with tons of friends and lots going for them, but they’re also not always losers, often they’re nice/friendly guys who are just shy with socializing and just froze up and are in panic mode and waiting till they get drunker and can relax in that environment.

So the value you’re offering is helping them get more social/talkative, which, in a nightclub enviro full of hotties, is HUGE value because if you help them loosen up who knows maybe they’ll talk to a girl and take her home! How much more value could you GIVE someone, you know?

To not look gay (lol) I usually open talking about the girls. Like I’ll stand near these guys being a part of Death Row myself, and when I see one of them check out a hot girl that walks past I’ll check her out too and then make eyes with him and be like “shit, cheers to THAT girl hey? lol” and hold my beer up for them to cheers “is this place always this good?”. From there if the guy seems friendly I’ll stick to girl talk but share some info about me like “man, we don’t have girls like that back home. I just moved here and some girls on the street told me this place has a bunch of drunk sluts so I figured hey, that’s where I want to go tonight! lol”. Note that I’m setting up easy conversation topics with this, because the guy can ask “oh where are you from?” Or “how do you like the city?” Etc cause remember he’s feeling nervous at the club too…so if you lob him easy conversation topics he can keep the convo going with you.

Also note how positive a conversation that is. It’s complimenting that girl, complimenting the bar, saying where you’re from isn’t as good, it’s implying you talked to some girls on the street, it’s got some humor to make them laugh. Combined with the value of loosening them up, the end result is they’re going to think “this person gives me good emotions and value!”

Now this isn’t gonna get you laid, and sometimes these guys are awkward/lame. Hell sometimes it’s their first night in the bar (I love that, I tell them about all the sketchy shit I’ve seen lol).

BUT, you CAN meet some nice dudes and build some small friendships. Exchange names and now when you see them at the bar again in the future you can say hi. Hell they may even be with girls and introduce you!

The gold mine is the totally solo guy. This guy is scared as fuck because he’s basically doing what you’re doing. Most of my best wingmen and longest friendships have been with these guys. After the small-talk up above I’ll say something like “ya I’ve never really been here but no one wanted to come out tonight so I figured I’d come out by myself but I’m nervous as fuck!! lol the girls here are so hot I don’t even know what to say to them.”

Now you’re relating to him and sharing some vulnerabilities so he starts feeling like he knows you. Plus it lets him open up about how nervous HE is. From there you can keep eachother company or try to encourage eachother to approach girls. Ideally you approach first (you’ll probably get shot down, THAT’S OKAY!! lol), just as soon as a girl walks by go “cheers!” and hold your beer out to her. She’ll probably just cheers, give a puzzled look, and walk away…but that’s more than your new buddy has done so while you laugh to him about “man I think she hated me lol” he’s going to go “wow this guy actually talked to a girl!! He’s way higher-value than me!” and from there you’ll probably both start talking to girls or at least talking to eachother ABOUT talking to girls which at this stage of your social life is just fine and dandy. You’re just socializing and making friends.

The nice thing about these guys is you know if they came out to the bar, they’re bar type people so if you two are still both solo at the end of the night you can say “this was fun we should creep girls out again sometime, you got a cell number?” and boom, you’ve got a wingman/friend who likes to go to the bars and since you both to solo you’re offering value to him because now he has a friend to go to the bars with. You’ve created a win/win situation for both of you.

When you have a few of these guys, you invite them all out to the same bar on the same night or over for pre-drinks before the bar and introduce them all to eachother. Now you have a little social circle you can build up from. :) It’s not going to be the highest value social circle where girls are lining up to fuck you all, but you can work your way up over time from there and build more social circles with cooler people and merge circles etc.

So there you go, give it a try. Like I say my best bar-buddies have come from this method over the years. And if I moved to a new city or was in a new enviro I would do this exact same thing because it’s simple and pretty much can’t go wrong.

Notice that nowhere in that conversation example did I have to admit I have no job or no friends or no social life etc. all that guy knows about me is “this guy is friendly, slightly less shy than me, makes me feel good emotions, and is offering me value!”

What I did was tell strangers stories my friends growing up told me about stuff THEY did, except pretend it happened to me lol if you’ve never had a friend who’s told you funny stories about their life, make shit up or exaggerate things that COULD’VE happened to you. That’s what early PUAs did with routines, it was actually similar to how a comedian looks at their day to day life and thinks “hmm what funny or weird or awkward things have happened to me this week?” and writes them down and practices how to tell them in front of a mirror. In fact a book/website/YouTube video on “how do I tell stories” or on comedy writing ideas might help you out a lot so Google for some of that shit. When you have a story make sure to tell it in every interaction so you get better at telling it, etc.

What happens is over time you start to collect new stories of fun/weird/awkward stuff that actually HAS happened to you. So you say “cheers!” to a girl and she goes “fuck off!!!!!” and barrels past you. Well that’s a story. “Man the girls here are so friendly. I was at a bar last week and said cheers to a girl and she shouted “fuck off!!!!!” and literally shoved me into my friends! I don’t know if she was hammered or having a bad day but wow I’m so glad you guys are friendlier lol”. Hell, steal that story I just wrote right there lol that just happened to you last weekend! Boom your first story! lol

It took me a solid 2 or 3 months before I started having interesting stories of my own to tell. 6 months in probably 60% of my stores were my own real ones that happened to me. By a year in it was 100% my own stuff because in a year of going out and socializing I had collected a bunch of random adventures and stories. Now years later I have stories of shit that’s happened to me that people can’t even believe lol


On The Mechanics of a Successful Hookup (Mystery Method A1 – S3 Breakdown)

Download and print out this Mystery Method cheat sheet

The following example illustrates how various conversations would fit into the MM model:

The general rule is tease a couple times, then answer for real.

Girl: “what do you do?”
Guy: “I’m the top fry cook at Burger King”
Girl: “lol noooo you’re a liar!!”
Guy: “Keep calling me names and I won’t let you use my employee discount.”
Girl: “lolol c’mon I wanna know for real”
Guy: “I work at (job).”
Girl: “omg I knew you were lying lolol I love (job)!”

So there’s a bit of a tease but then you let her have an answer. As you go from Attraction to Comfort (again using MM as a guide here), you tone down the teasing and only sprinkle it in here and there because you’re building a connection.

The prob with most guys who don’t learn game is they don’t tease at all so the girl doesn’t get a challenge or feel an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, so it looks like:

Girl: “what do you do?”
Guy: “I work at (job).”
Girl: “cool…”

zzzzzzz…same info is revealed to the girl in both cases but one way was emotionally engaging and fun and attractive, the other was boring and handing her his resume.

The other way guys fuck up is what you’re doing now, where you overgame and don’t pull it back:

Girl: “what do you do?”
Guy: “I’m the top fry cook at Burger King”
Girl: “lol noooo you’re a liar!!”
Guy: “Keep calling me names and I won’t let you use my employee discount.”
Girl: “lolol c’mon I wanna know for real”
Guy: “ok I’m actually the burger flipper instead of the fry cool.”
Girl: “okay seriously come on”
Guy: “all the free burgers you can eat!”
Girl: “I just want to know okay??”
Guy: “what kind of burger should I make you?”
Girl: “sigh forget it.” (Delete)

They switch gears to asking serious questions when you pass the “hook point” where they’re actually interested in you (so you’ve entered A2 according to Mystery Method). They’re interested/attracted at this point so they want some real answers to make sure it’s safe to continue being attracted to you.

If you keep teasing, they get frustrated because they want to be attracted to you but they need some reassurance of who you are first and you won’t give them that so they can’t let themselves be too attracted and that’s frustrating to them. Eventually they’ll go “fuck it” and give up lol

So congrats, you’re making it past A1 into A2. Try pulling back on the teasing when you sense they’re getting frustrated.

Then ask them the same question they asked you and qualify their answer like “you’re not making that up are you?” “no I swear!” “Hmmm I love (her answer). You could be trouble for me.” That will take you from A2 to A3, and from there you start transitioning into Comfort aka C1


On Transitioning from Negging to Building Comfort

“Anyone have any guesses or suggestions on how to best tell when to start ‘getting real’ in an interaction?”

Look for her qualifying herself and/or chasing you. This’ll be subtle in hot girls, and it’s a little more than an IOI. It’s more about her “exposing herself” or “throwing herself out there” or “making herself vulnerable”.

The key that goes hand-in-hand with that is “did I EARN this interest?”. That’s where experience and understanding the game comes in. A hooker will go up to the ugliest guy in the room and ask his name, it’s all fake because he didn’t earn it. But a girl who you’ve pushed through some emotions and ran solid game on asking your name, that’s legit.

Some examples:

Her: “What do you do?” (setting a hoop for you to qualify yourself with)
AFC: “I’m an investment banker.” (qualifying yourself by actually answering)
Her: “oh…” (bored)
AFC: “…” (no game)
Her: “So ummm what’s your name?” (no attraction, he didn’t earn this, she’s just filling silence)

Her: “What do you do?” (hoop)
AFC: “I work at McDonald’s.” (shitting on hoop)
Her: “You’re a liar!!” (shit-test)
AFC: “No, I wouldn’t lie to a girl like you!” or “You got me, I’m really an investment banker” (backtracking, failing shit-test, seeking approval)
Her: “Wow, that’s SO interesting. You’re so fascinating. What’s your name?” (no attraction, she’s just shit-testing)

Her: “What do you do?” (hoop)
PUA: “I work at McDonald’s.” (pass)
Her: “You’re a liar!!” (shit-test)
PUA: “No fries for you!” (congruent and passing shit-test)
Her: “:O OMG…I can’t believe you said that.” (shit-test)
PUA: “Get used to it, so many things about me are unbelievable.” (congruent/unapologetic and passing shit-test)
Her: “Oh reall–” (shit-test attempt)
PUA: “Like how small my penis is. :( ” (shitting on her shit-test attempt)
Her: “:O” (fried circuits)
PUA: “It’s like a wet baby carrot.” (congruent/unapologetic and ahead of her, she has to catch-up, like the “No fries for you!!” bit)
Her: “lololol omg what’s your name??” (legit IOI, exposing herself, time for comfort, because I earned this reaction)

That’s working off her actions, but you can take the lead yourself if you feel you’re in A3 and you can start to qualify her…So say we take it from here in that last interaction and I want to know where I’m at:

Her: “:O OMG…I can’t believe you said that.”
PUA: “Could you ever love a fry chef? You’re hot, but hot girls are usually shallow. You’re not shallow are you?”

This can branch into two responses:

1) Her: “oh ya I’m totally shallow.” (not qualifying herself, spike her temperature more then try to get her to qualify again)

or 2) Her: “noooo I’m not shallow!! I’m so nice!!” (her qualifying herself, now I know I can transition into Comfort…if I get the 1st response, I keep gaming and returning to qualifying until she finally qualifies herself, then I go into Comfort)

This is why we had those old-school “I love a girl who can cook, can you cook?” routines. Their purpose was to see if the girl would say she can cook (if she’s attracted but can’t cook she’ll lie that she can cook or she’ll apologize that she can’t cook and hope you forgive it) and we’d know we can start transitioning, or if she would say she can’t cook (if she’s not attracted but can cook she’ll play it down or lie that she can’t cook).

This is all a really subtle chess game and you’ll fuck it up a TON until you get it right. And when you get it right, you’ll run into an some smokin’ hot 10 who loves you way faster than you’re used to and you’ll fuck THAT up. etc. etc. lol

So pay attention for “did I earn this, have I logically done attractive things in front of or to her?” and “is what she’s doing/saying showing some vulnerability in her iron bitch-shield?” and try throwing out a few “can I get her to qualify herself to me?” bits.

… Girls will surprise you when you get into the comfort/rapport stage more frequently with them. It’s part of why I don’t insult them and look at them all as vapid shitty bar slut whores like a lot of bitter guys do. They’re just like anyone else…if you cut through their bullshit persona and get to their core as a person, you’ll find a lot of them are much more complicated/fascinating/beautiful on the inside than other people who only see the exterior facade think.

… I actually like the comfort/rapport stage a lot. A lot of guys get bored with it and it’s just a necessary evil to them, but I really like to see what makes people tick and break through their bullshit exteriors to talk to them on an internal level. This is part of why I build comfort/rapport with people (guys, girls, old people, etc.) REALLY fast, like they feel like they’ve known me for years when it’s only been a few minutes…it’s because I’m getting to know them on a level that only maybe their best friends of 20+ years know them. Like they’re keeping everyone else at arms length but I just steamroll through that and get in close on the level that only their close friends and family know them…and often I’ll get to know them BETTER than their friends/family know them because I talk to them about inappropriate subjects that their friends would judge them for.


On Owning the Frame and/or Directing all interactions with Females towards the Sexual

So for me, I focus on 1) making it VERY clear that I’m all about sex and fun/non-judgemental/kinky/etc. in bed, 2) making it VERY clear that I’m not Provider/long-term material, 3) pushing them through a lot of emotions in a very short time (there’s a lot of “fuck I hate you. Why are you such a bitch? I hate that I kind of want to fuck you. Get out of here! No I’m just kidding, I love you come here lol” etc. and 4) steering the conversation away from logical discussions about what I do for a living, my ambitions in life, etc.

Often girls don’t know anything about my personal life before we fuck lol, they just know that I’m fun, I turn them on, and I make them feel good (instead of ashamed) ABOUT being turned on. That’s enough for most of them to fuck, yes, even the Good Girls. Remember when you’re spiking a girl’s attraction up and frying her circuits, they’re thinking with emotion, not logic. Calm, rational, and objectively filling out some kind of survey, a Good Girl would probably say “oh I’d never hook up the same night”, and if you’re a guy who’s boring/average/normal, she’s right, she won’t hook up with you the same night. But when you know how to access that emotional side of her, she’s not in the same state she was in when she filled out that survey or went on a dinner date with a boring guy and she gets swept up in the moment like the other girls because her logical circuits are fried.

This is why I don’t need the 7+ hours or whatever…I’m flipping a very efficient set of switches to lead to the type of lay I’m after (casual fuckbuddies). At the same time, I’m not going as fast as the Direct numbers-game type guys because I DO want to hook up with the chick more than a quick bathroom fuck as passing ships in the night, so there are a few more switches I’m flipping that the Direct guys don’t give a shit about.

A lot of guys taking girls on dates Waste time flipping switches they don’t need to flip, or switches that actively slow their seduction down (like bragging about their accomplishments without realizing they’re pleading their case for her to categorize them as a Provider and not put out quickly). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like going on dates or you’re looking to settle down with a girlfriend etc. (although it’s very easy to go from fuckbuddies to BF/GF, you just see her more than once a week and open up a bit over time and the Oxytocin and human nature does the rest).

Like I COULD clean my room before girls come over, I’d still probably be able to get the lay but I know looking like a clean and responsible guy with a nice bedroom flips a switch in the Provider category, so why make things difficult on myself? Instead I’ll let my room be messy and leave a condom wrapper and a chick’s bobby-pin on the ground near my bed. What switch does that flip? The “definitely not a Provider…but probably a good fuck who gets laid” switch. That’s much more productive in terms of getting to my personal goals of casual fuckbuddies where she doesn’t expect any commitment from me or expect me to try to impress/woo her.

Early in the interaction, like when we’ve first met, I’ll bring up super sexual topics with the group (flipping the switch of “I’m fun in bed and non-judgemental”), I won’t censor my swearing (flipping the switch of “this isn’t a guy I could bring home to meet my parents, he’d be too offensive”), I’ll drop stories that make me sound like an asshole player like “ya I’m tired…well I don’t wanna say, you’ll think I’m sketchy lol Fine, fine, I had this stupid chick over last night. She didn’t even give head, she said she thinks sucking cock is gross…wtf is that? I’ve never met a chick that didn’t like giving head…and now she’s been txting me all fucking day and I don’t want to be a dick and tell her no, you suck in bed, sorry ’cause it’ll scar her for life, but I also don’t want to hook up with her again ugh…how do I get rid of this girl?” (flipping the switch of “wow, what a horrible person, this guy is NOT Boyfriend material…but he gets laid, he’s non-judgemental about girls being slutty, he has standards/expectations in the bedroom and he has enough abundance with women that he’s willing to turn down pussy”), I’ll talk about how I hate clingy chicks (flipping the “don’t try to get me into a relationship” switch) and how some girl I was seeing was looking for a boyfriend while we were hooking up and that I fully supported that because I just want everyone to find what they’re looking for whether it’s a fling or a serious relationship but that I know when you’re first dating a real boyfriend type you don’t want to look like a slut and put out right away but you still need to get fucked (flipping the switch of “you can look for a boyfriend while you’re with me if you want, so there’s no downside what-so-ever to hooking up with me” (note for the insecure guys: most girls don’t go looking for a BF, they’re happy with a regular consistent good lay that they hope one day they can figure out how to land)).

Combine that kind of stuff with the obvious external signs that I’m not going to be her Provider, like not having a 6-pack and Armani suit, not having a car, not having my own apartment, etc. and the picture painted for her is “this is a guy to fuck, not date”.

… If she txts “how was your day?” and you wait 24hrs and txt back “not bad. u?”, that’s going to fuck you over compared to instantly replying “boring as fuck, but my night is going to be better ’cause I’m picking you up at 7 for dinner. Wear that red dress you wore when we met, that was killer.” Again even if she rejects the offer, you’ve shown that you’re not a friend zone guy, you’re not her texting buddy, you’re a guy that if she continues to interact with you, you will fuck her (so technically her still interacting with you after rejecting you IS the IOI that she still wants you to fuck her lol, but that’s another concept entirely)

You: “we should hang out friday. 8pm work for you?”
Her: “lol I have yoga class then…besides i have a boyfriend”
You: “putting images of you bending over and stretching in yoga pants is not helping me not want to bang you.”
Her: “omg you’re terrible! besides you should take me out to dinner first”
You: “is this where I make innuendo about eating out?”
Her: “omg lolololz”

Girl: “So what do you do?”
You: “Get into trouble, mostly. I’m surprised you haven’t slapped me yet. You’re not like other girls.”
Girl: “lol noooo I mean what do you do for a living”
You: “you know what I DON’T work all week long to do when I come out to a bar on Friday to relax? Talk about WORK. Come on, let’s go dance.”

Girl: “What do you do for a living?”
You: “God, why do girls all ask the same questions?? Is this city just full of gold-diggers or what? Ask me something INTERESTING.”

Girl: “What do you do for a living?”
You: “Why are you talking about that at a BAR? It’s a BAR, we’re here to have FUN. Quit being WEIRD. I need to relax after the day I had, I was…(insert story, tease, topic change, etc)”

Girl: “Where do you live?”

You: “Don’t pretend you don’t know. I saw you outside my bedroom window last night, perv.”



On Text Game

My txt game is wicked-tight. When other guys send a lot of txts it’s just gay shit that isn’t heading anywhere.

It’s like how someone who talks a lot usually comes off beta and trying to hold attention desperately…but then you watch Russell Brand flirting with chicks and its like oh, shit, okay that can work.

The diff between how Russell Brand blathers on endlessly and how most average guys would is that everything Russell says/describes is designed to take the girl on a massive emotional roller coaster of ups and downs and mental imagery and innuendo and teasing and push/pull and leading etc. so he’s actually packing a lot of game concepts into his verbals.

My txt convos never look like:

Guy: “How’s it going?”
Girl: “Good u?”
“Bored at work lol what u up to?”
“Just hangin out”
“How’s the hangover?”
“Lol doing better”
“Sounds like a fun night lol did you end up blah blah? Because this one time I blah blah”
“Ya it was! I only blah blah’ed once and then we went blah blah”

That’s the kind of guy who should just be txting one word replies because his txting so much is just “filler”. Like someone filling in silences with “um”s and “uhh”s. Its technically kind of building a little comfort at best but there’s no game principles involved in it.

My txting looks more like:

Me: “quit thinking about me, I can’t get any sleep when I’m running thru your dreams all night. Jerk.”

Her: “lol o ya I couldn’t help it.”

Me: “I understand you’re madly in love with me, but you’re going to have to try to restrain yourself. I recommend that restraining involve handcuffs. In fact I volunteer to help you with that. Don’t worry, mine are fuzzy ones.”

Her: “lol maybe I already have a pair”

Me: “of course you do, dirty birdy. I knew from the moment I saw you. I can read you like a book. I know your SOUL.”

Her: “lol ur crazy”

Me: “I knew you would say that. Now quit interrupting my workday to tell me about your 50 Shades of fantasies, I have work to do and I can’t balance my laptop on a boner.”

Her: “lol u txted me!!”

Me: “It’s alright, you don’t have to hide your love. Now I have to go polish my handcuffs. Pervert.”

I’ll basically just fuck around and amuse myself but all my txts involve combinations of pushing toward sex, innuendo, push/pull, accusations and cold-reads, role playing, future projection, callback humor, us vs them, etc. so I’m txting a shitload but on her end she ends up distracted from whatever she’s doing being she can’t believe the shit that I’m writing to her.

I usually initiate my txting during the slow work day (around noon) and late at night (9pm+) because those are the times she’ll be free to txt for a bit. If we pass 1pm and she’s still txting back then I pretty much keep her distracted thru the rest of her work day. At night I’ll drop more innuendo and see if she latches on and plays back and forth with me on it, at which point I’ll start downshifting into more sex discussion (stories experiences curiousities etc) and sexting because I know she’s probably alone in bed semi-naked and I can escalate describing sexy fantasy scenes of us and get her turned on enough to rub one out before going to sleep…and of course she’ll wake up thinking about me and I’ll be on her mind for part of her morning.

Some girls don’t know how to respond to my txts so they look like I wrote up above, just little responses till I switch to comfort and they can txt more because they don’t have to be funny/witty. But a lot of girls will try to keep up with me and play back and occasionally I meet a girl who can actually keep up and we’ll both send off big page-long txts like mine above. The attraction with those girls spikes fast because they don’t meet guys who can have them reaching to try to out-wit them and its exciting.

For stuff like meeting up a lot of guys txts look like:

Guy: “come to Club Friday. Dress nice”
Her: “lol I have plans already”
(4 hours later): “Cancel them.”

And that can work if the girl knows you well and you have enough value already and if you’re just inviting her to a nice safe thing like dinner or a party night…but I’m shooting for having her come over to fuck, so I have to get some emotional steam going like:

Me: “you should come over Friday.”

Her: “lol o really”

Me: “well we could go to a bar instead but you’re a girl and girls take forever to get ready so we’ll end up being late and then one of us will have to give the bouncer a blowjob to get in and I have lockjaw from going down on you last night.”

Her: “omg!!! Can’t believe u said that. And we never had sex u must have me confused.”

Me: “oh right that was a dream I had. My bad. I guess that explains the whole thing with the goat. And how I managed to last an incredible 31 seconds breaking my former record of 30.”

Her: “lol wow u sure know how to sell yourself”

Me: “I would never sell myself. Who would pay for a night of disappointment followed by a morning of shame, regret, and being kicked out for my pretend early business meeting?”

Her: “lol u wouldn’t throw me out”

Me: “no that’s just the ugly girls. You can stay for breakfast, as long as you make it. In nothing but heels and an apron.”

Her: “lol that’s how I always cook”

Me: “I don’t believe you. You should come over Friday and we’ll cook dinner. We can wear clothes though, I look terrible in heels and an apron.”

Her: “lol just dinner hey? I don’t believe you”

Me: “well after dinner we can sit awkwardly on opposite ends of the couch with a barrier of pillows between us to ensure we don’t accidentally cuddle, but you’ll have to help me stack the pillows. And if you turn it into a pillow fight you’ll get a pillow spanking. Troublemaker.”

Her: “lol what time?”

So again a lot of what I do is pack a bunch of game concepts into individual txts. I can come up with this stuff on the fly because I’ve been doing it for a while and my in-person game is the same style. A big reason why I can build so much comfort/attraction is that I’m demonstrating a TON of my personality with these txts. Like after an afternoon of this kind of txting she feels like she’s known me forever and that I’m fascinating and I’m easily the most interesting txt conversation she’s ever had. She’s laughed, been offended, been relieved, been qualifying herself, been excited, been mad, been puzzled and mystified, etc. way more shit than most of her txt convos involve with normal guys.

When I can do this a few times congruently she realizes “okay this is how this guy is, wow, I want to meet him”, especially if I lead it into sexual comfort/rapport building late at night.

You could say “but YaReally isn’t this dancing monkey shit?” But the difference between this and that is that the dancing monkey isn’t headed anywhere. He’s in one spot trying to keep her there by trying to keep her attention. What I’m doing is plowing forward like a train and dragging her along with me.

Like with the dinner txts above I pitch to come over which I know she won’t accept right away. Then I go off on a crazy emotional rollercoaster tangent, but I’m always looking to head back to the initial invite and I eventually return to it. So everything I’m txting is heading toward my goal of having her over to fuck. I’m never just txting for the sake of txting or txting like one of her girlfriends or orbiters.

This is just how I run my attraction stuff. For comfort/rapport I tone the crazy down a bit and get more into deep emotional and sexual discussions…but again I save that for night time conversations, never daytime. That stuff is where I’ll get into pages and pages of multiple txts because I’m txting stuff like my views on relationships/monogamy and sexuality and jealousy etc so there’s a lot to explain but by then I’ve built enough attraction that she wants to read it all and she’s captivated by our conversation and she’s sharing her pages of feelings/experiences, so it helps build our connection. Then the next morning I go back to playful fun lighthearted stuff because I know the seeds have been planted and I’ve laid out my groundwork for a casual fuckbuddy situ.

At that point I’ve already run all of the game I would run in person, we’ve gone thru all the mystery method stages etc and I can arrange her coming over usually to “watch a movie” (when she shows up I just pin her against the wall and make out and escalate right to the bedroom, because we’ve already talked about sex enough that I know she wants it), but sometimes I can get them to come over literally to have sex, like they’ll ignore their ASD and admit they need me to fuck them (then they get nervous right before coming over and I have to run some quick lighthearted attraction game to get over that last little hump lol)

Anyway so I do a lot of txting. My phone is always going off and I’ll txt all day/night long if it means securing a casual FB without having to go to dinner etc lol. My job is lax so I can just shoot off txts all day.

Some guys have money and time to burn so they don’t mind going out for dinner and drinks and doing this all then…but I’m lazy and poor and don’t want to do that so i’d rather spend a few days idly txting than waste a whole evening going out, buying drinks, building comfort, competing with distractions and cockblocks and logistics, her screening me as a provider, etc. that might end up with not even getting the lay that night.

Wasn’t expecting this to be so long but hey, there’s a glimpse at my txt game.

Also the interesting thing I found is that if I stay congruent to my verbose txts, she’ll eventually try to keep up with me. Like if she starts out typing like “wut u up 2?” And we txt for a bit and I stick to proper grammar/spelling, eventually (when I have enough value to her) she’ll clean her txting up a lot with me and txt with decent spelling/grammar like a normal human being lol I actually take that as an ioi.

Another example:

Never let her lead the relationship or make the decisions, especially when it comes to sex. It’s “come up and we’ll watch a movie”, not “do you want to come up and watch a movie?” It’s subtle but it’s important and flows thru your whole frame/interactions.

Don’t stress it tho, it won’t cost you the lay, it’s just something to keep in mind. Always be pushing forward.

“Girls get a feeling they don’t analyze each and every word the way we do here.”

This. This flows into the concept of “change her mood not her mind”.

“That exchange means nothing. I send nonsense, she acknowledges it. But on an attraction level it means she’s thinking of me.”

Legit shit right here. Good stuff. This extrapolates to real life interactions too. A lot of my interactions are just nonsense small-talk on the surface but there’s a ton I sub-communication going on under the surface that her and I are both aware of but often people listening can’t read.

“I think text game only works if there’s some type of initial attraction and/or rapport created.”

Nah. It’s just tricky because its extremely easy for the girl to ignore you, flake, wait to reply till her buying temp settles, etc. but it’s totally do-able…just not with the one-word Jumbotron alpha style txting.

The main prob is a lot of guys aren’t past the hook point when they try this one-word response stuff. But the girl isn’t attracted/invested enough to be intrigued, she just doesn’t give a shit and assumes you’re boring and nails.

So I’d rephrase your bit to “I think minimal alpha Jumbotron txt game only works if there’s some type of initial attraction and/or rapport created.”

“Text game just drags on and on and on never leading anywhere.”

This is your fault because you need to be leading/pushing. Example of how I txt off the top of my head:

“You should come to BarX so I can take advantage of you.”
“Lol I have a BF I told you”
“That’s alright he can keep you entertained when I’m not around.”
“You’re terrible”
“Terribly amazing. In bed. BarX.”
“Lol no way I don’t trust you”
“Then you’re smart. I don’t know how I’m going to trick a smart girl into bed. I’ll have to roofie you.”
“Omg u did not just say that”
“It won’t be the most offensive thing I say tonight, you’ll have slapped me before we’re on our 2nd drink.”
“I never said I was coming to drink!!”
“No, you’re coming to gaze into my eyes on the dance floor while I grope your bum, but I figured you’d need a drink or two before your standards were low enough. But we can skip the drinks and go right to the groping if you insist. Horny girl.”

Basically every txt is pushing towards meeting up or implying that we WILL be having sex some day, even if she resists I’ll just deflect it or weave around it and try to change her mood and make her laugh or catch her off-guard or pass a shit-test and keep pushing forward.

Even if she doesn’t come out that night, she knows my intentions and she knows I’m going to push toward a goal. So if she continues to txt after that, she’s demonstrating that she’s attracted enough to WANT me to keep pushing and eventually win her over.

Most guys txts just go sideways instead of forwards because they let the girl direct the conversation. A lot of these “gay” “8=====D” txts are just going sideways in the interaction. That’s why guys get stuck txting and going nowhere like you describe.

Russell Brand does this well, and Hank Moody on Californication hitting on Karen while she snubs him is a great example to learn from too. It’s that forward intent overpowering her weak/half-hearted defenses (because she WANTS you to win her over).

Now there are girls who will just txt forever and never meet up, I find these are usually the hipster/emo/indie/nerd girls who think they’re brilliant witty sarcastic wordsmiths and think they’re impressing and “owning” guys, high on their own superiority delusions that the betas in their life reinforce.

The nice part about pushing forward with intent is that it weeds these girls out quickly because you push a few times and they deflect without backing down at all and then you know “okay this is a waste of my time” and you can cut your losses or try more chaotic game like starting drama just to see if you can turn it around.

“If you explain something and chat, they tend to be more communicative.”

Yep. This is why I don’t cry about how bad girls txt. They’ll txt me 2 or 3 txts max like “wut u up 2?” But I txt the way I write, with full spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc and I don’t waver on that or try “2 talk liek them”. So they shape up and start following my lead and type properly and we have longass comfort/rapport building conversations with multille page-long of txts.

Am I just happening to run into the only smart girls in the world? Or does it come down to setting the frame? The latter, of course, the same way a girl will be a whore with me but a Madonna around a Nice Guy. They fall into the frame we set for them…which brings us back full circle to the top of this comment: “Never let her lead the relationship”



On The 4 Types of Game

First off, some definitions:

– Laconic – James Bond, one word answers, slow speaking, only say what’s necessary, letting silences hang, etc.

– Verbose – Russel Brand, spitting out verbal diahrrea, lots of talking, filling silences, barraging the girl with words, etc.

– Passive – not actively pushing the interaction towards a lay, being happy with an “interaction”, reacting to your environment

– Pro-active – actively pushing the interaction towards a lay, trying to fuck her, not just get a number or a “chat”, making your environment react to you

Now as I’ve said before it’s important to understand that how you act in the bar is not necessarily which type you are. Think about how you act when you’re pre-drinking with your buddies before the bar…THAT’S who you are. Say you’re playing xbox and having a drink before you hit the bar…are you the guy talking shit to everyone? Are you the guy that sits silently only dropping one or two comments? Are you the guy who’s cracking rude jokes? Are you the guy who’s feeling uncomfortable because you don’t know some of the people? Are you the guy meeting/greeting the new guys and making sure they’re a part of the conversation? How are you around your family at dinner? Do you say one or two words? Do you tell stories and yap away? This is who you really are and a big part of game is being congruent to who you are, instead of trying to act how you think the girl wants you to act. Hot girls can sniff out incongruence, it’s a part of their daily survival because so many guys around them are full of shit trying to get something from them. If you don’t talk much around your friends/family and you’d give your best bro-friend a Jumbotron reply, then you are naturally a laconic person. If not, you’re some level of verbose. Bring that to the table and embrace it.

So there are actually 4 types of game, not just “high-energy and low-energy”, which is where the disconnect is coming in for a lot of people (like I always say, any concept that gets unpredictable results can be broken down further):

1) passive, laconic (low-energy, beta, unattractive)
2) pro-active, laconic (low-energy, alpha, attractive)

3) passive, verbose (high-energy, beta, unattractive)
4) pro-active, verbose (high-energy, alpha, attractive)

Examples of each type:

1) passive, laconic (low-energy, beta):

Alright I’m gonna’ shit on this one first because this is the Manosphere fucking FAVORITE. Every guy on half the forums thinks he’s this badass James Bond. But I’ve read a lot of Manosphere Field Reports and they are full of delusions. This is what most guys think “low-energy” game is.

Don’t worry, I’m going to make fun of PUAs later as well, so don’t let this make you feel bad lol.

But first a disclaimer: Like Scray says, if you’re established as high-value, you can be passive (laconic or verbose) because often the girl will be pro-active. But understand that if you just go in wearing a suit and post up against the bar, you are NOT high-value…you look exactly the same as the “passive, laconic” loser beta. You are fooling yourself if you think you look high-value because your pocket square matches your socks, and you know that you’re getting approached by 5-7s at best, and going home fucking them and telling yourself and your boys that you were just slumming it on a lark that night when in reality you were simply not high-value enough to get the attention of higher-quality girls, and you weren’t being pro-active enough to demonstrate your high-value to get them.

The reason you looking decent and wearing a nice fitted suit etc. as you post up at the bar isn’t high-value is because hot girls are SURROUNDED by guys who offer that at the bare minimum, and/or who ONLY offer that and have nothing else going on.

That’s why I say you get approached by 5-7s, because to THOSE women you are high-value…but to the legit 8+ girls, you are just another dude in a nice suit, like the 10 guys texting her and the 4 guys buying her drinks right now. You have to be pro-active to stand out because you are bringing nothing to the table that an 8+ hasn’t seen a thousand times.

That said, this is okay, this isn’t me shitting on you as a man and saying you’re worthless and fucked for life, it’s me saying take a SERIOUS ego-less cold hard objective look at your vibe when you’re out and ask yourself “am I actually getting the attention of the girls that I ACTUALLY want and choose, yes or no?” If the honest answer is a no, then it’s time to be pro-active. If you’ve been going home solo and/or with girls that you wouldn’t show off to your buddies, guess what, you’re not “good but slumming it”, you are BAD and it’s time for a reality check so you can stop wasting your nights out getting sub-par results.

What generally happens is after an hour or two of standing around trying to look cool, [an ugly girl] approaches him.

…usually a little tipsy/drunk because she had to work up the courage to come over and I mean, she’s had an hour or two of drinking with her girls while he was standing there looking cool. Usually she’ll open with something like “I like your suit!!”, maybe even put her hands on his chest to feel the suit (and stay balanced, since she’s tipsy).

The guy’s first thought will usually be “ah fuck, get away ugly girl, I want that hot girl over there that I’ve been trying to make eye-contact with for an hour but who isn’t paying attention to me at all, or has made eye-contact with me and is waiting for me to take action but I’m too cool for that and waiting for her to come over to me so I seem more alpha badass”.

But that girl will be persistent, he’ll realize he’s probably not going to get the hot girl he wanted because his passive “look cool” game doesn’t seem to be working tonight, and it’s been a while since he stuck his dick in something, and this chick is all up in his face so he starts flirting back. He rationalizes it like “well, I’m only doing this as a laugh.” and “I’m only doing this because it’ll be so easy, this is a slam dunk, I’ll even make this chick buy me a drink lolol I’m really a pimp despite slumming it tonight, wait’ll I tell the boys how much this chick wanted me lol”

The other option is that they don’t get the attention they expected/wanted, so they then, again “for a laugh” of course, bail to a shittier meat-market bar in their suits where the crowd is dressed shittier so they figure that will raise their value, but with that comes shittier girls…but that’s okay, ’cause they’re just doing it for a laugh, you see.

So why does this happen? Why doesn’t the smokin hottie ditch her high-value social circle to come over and open him? Why do ugly average girls come over and approach him?

Because these guys are giving off  low-value signals. They’re just giving off those signals in a nicer suit.

Again, if you have established value, you can be passive…but again, wearing a nice suit and having a cool lifestyle does not give you established value because until the girl actually interacts with you all she sees is a dude in a nice suit who’s standing around holding up the wall/bar, taking no action, and not making his environment react to him.

2) pro-active, laconic (low-energy, alpha)

If you’re one of those naturally laconic guys, this is what you want to aim towards. This means you’re still staying mysterious or using short answers etc., but you’re pushing the interaction forward sexually. Everything you say is geared toward moving forward or getting a reaction out of her (VS you reacting to her), staying rock-solid through shit-tests, and this involves a lot of body-language and laser eye-contact as well.

Some examples of “pro-active, laconic”…the key is in 1) how they force the girl to react to them, and 2) how they’re always moving toward fucking…also not how they make a lot of eye-contact, their body-language is stoic, they talk slowly, leave lots of pauses, etc.

The jist is that the girls they interact with feel like they’re playing catch-up (reacting) to him…like he has a purpose/goal (whether that’s sex, or to get someone to do something he wants them to do in general) and everything in his vibe is pushing towards that while she stumbles along trying to get her footing.

Even with men, they’re pushing forward, forcing the men around them to react to them, often by asking questions in breaking-rapport. Like in this clip Tyler is dropping shit like “Do you know what a duvet is…” and letting the silence hang. “Just ask, man. (silence)” “Is it a problem for you to ask?” He cuts Jack off and says things that force him to react and feel like he’s on his heels trying to get his footing as Tyler pushes toward the outcome he wants.

THIS vibe is extremely seductive to women. The problem with most guys is that they THINK they’re being this, but objectively what they actually do is stand around trying to look cool and as soon as a woman interacts with them they either burst out a bunch of talking (showing that they ARE actually talkative, but were putting on an incongruent shtick by not engaging everyone around them earlier, which is unattractive), or they keep the laconic speech patterns/vibe but they don’t actually push the interaction forward…at best they take it sideways, engaging the girl but letting her lead the conversation or test them or screen them instead of them leading the conversation and screening and testing her. Essentially they end up on the “defensive” instead of her ending up on the defensive, which equals him reacting to her, instead of her reacting to him, which equals him reacting to his environment (passive, beta) instead of him forcing his environment to react to him (pro-active, alpha).

So you still feel like you’re a laconic dude and you’ve read both 1 and 2 of my points so far, realized my ultimate wisdom and suffered the inner embarrassment of someone hitting way too close to home calling out how your nights out actually go, and you want to fix that shit and get out of category 1 and into this much better category. So how do you go from “passive, laconic” to “pro-active, laconic”?

The key is in knowing what you want, and leading/pushing toward it. You’re like a train at full speed…she can throw up some resistance but you’re going to just plow right through it while she tries to scurry out of the way. Start qualifying her more, start testing her more. Screen her for qualities and don’t let her get away with not living up to those qualities. Legitimately be judgemental and force her to defend herself. Shit-test her. Let silences hang in the air while she scurries around in her head for an answer to your piercing questions. Approach her as soon as you see her, cut through the crowd, take what you want. Interrupt whatever she’s doing, it’s not as important as you. Force her and the environment around you to react to you. Chat with the people around you, even if you’re just making short laconic statements…show that you’re high-value and that people like you, but that you’d rather talk one on one with someone in a deep conversation, than chat up the entire bar. Engage the people around you in deeper conversations, not surface-level fluff. Ask questions that make people think. Scold a woman for her actions as an opener. Let her worry whether you’re mad at her, and then be relieved that you’re not. This is the style where you ask a deep question that people feel compelled to ramble off a long answer, and you learn more about them than they know about you.

Both 1 and 2 are laconic, but how pro-active you are is what makes the difference. The problem with being laconic is that your sub-communications better be tight as FUCK, because you’re not giving her anything else to judge you on. You’d better be locking laser eye-contact, staring into her fucking soul. Your body-language better be chill and non-fidgety, unafraid to grab her and pull her in and position her how and where you want her while you talk, with rock-solid belief that she’ll follow.

The other problem is that a lot of this is hard to fake if you don’t legitimately have abundance with women…you have to BE judgemental and screening. She has to believe that when you say “Do you like (such and such)?” that there is a WRONG answer to that question that will make you lose interest in her. She has to be a little bit afraid that she doesn’t quite have your approval or that she could lose it with one wrong move.

So a big key in this is knowing exactly what you want. Sit down and write it out. Write down 10 physical qualities you want in a woman (blonde, certain fashion sense, etc.) and then write down 10 personality qualities you want in a woman (positive, out-going, shy, sassy, ability to cook, healthy gym habits, etc.). These are whatever YOU are attracted to and would want in a long-term relationship. Then when you’re out, you screen a girl for those qualities…if a girl doesn’t live up to some of them you don’t have to tell her to fuck off and lose the lay, but you DO have to make sure she understands that she’s on thin ice. Ideally you should be giving off a vibe where she might not know how to cook but now that you’ve let her know you don’t approve of that, she wants to run home and dig out a recipe book and LEARN how to cook.

This is the vibe that guys like James Bond, Don Draper, etc. give off…but most guys jumble categories 1 and 2 and act like 1 instead of 2, because they don’t have the inner framework to support being 2.

Also if you’re trying to be this category, you can’t be gaming and fucking and number-closing uglies, or girls who don’t fit into your preferred qualities at all. That means no rationalizing that shit away as “just for a laugh” or “as a slump-buster” or “because it was easy” etc. Every time you do that, whether anyone sees it or not, you’re teaching your brain that your standards are not REALLY standards and you’re getting one step further from being congruent to this category. If you don’t abide by your standards, then you don’t HAVE standards.

So let’s move into the verbose categories:

3) passive, verbose (high-energy, beta)

This is the “dancing monkey”. This is the newbie (and often intermediate/advanced, sadly) PUA. This is what everyone pictures when someone says “be high-energy”. This is the unattractive clown, the approval-seeking fool, the loser that girls allow to entertain them for a few minutes but don’t actually want to fuck. [check out Keys to the VIP vids on YouTube for examples of this]

Basically any guy learning pickup that you see out at your local bar is this lol Obviously this is not just super un-attractive, but it’s even repulsive to guys to watch. I didn’t even want to look up anymore examples because it’s just too painful and I feel bad for the guys as well as loathing them.

The reason this is unattractive isn’t that they talk a lot, it’s that everything they say is supplicative, approval-seeking, trying to hold her attention, begging for scraps, etc. It all reeks of scarcity and insecurity and a lack of a strong inner core. It’s also not leading the interaction anywhere, not creating any sexual tension, and the girl is thinking “he seems like a nice guy I guess”, not “wow I want that guy to bend me over this bar and fuck my brains out”.

This guy will get results, because he’s basically playing the numbers game and he sticks in there as long as he can, but most of the numbers he gets will either be flakes, or be girls who expect him to take her on a date because they think “well he’s not sexy but maybe he can be my provider beta male while I fuck someone better”, or the girls just give them the number out of social pressure or not wanting to be rude or being drunk etc.

I would put a solid 90% of the guys that approach girls on any given night at the bar in this category.

Last but not least we have:

4) pro-active, verbose (high-energy, alpha)

his is your Russel Brands, your John Mayers, your Robert Downey Jr’s, etc. The key to notice is that, just like the “pro-active, laconic” type, this type also forces their environment to react to them, puts everyone on their heels trying to catch their balance, etc.

Another key feature of this type, which is where Buena’s experiment was off-track, is that this type self-amuses. Everything they do is for their own amusement. They like to fuck with people, use innuendo and sarcasm and go off on little tangents, they talk about whatever’s on their mind, and don’t care whether the girl stays or goes because they’re having fun. This is kind of the opposite of the “pro-active, laconic” type in that this type doesn’t really care about “getting to know” the girl and asking her deep questions about herself…he’s getting to know the girl by seeing how she reacts to him shaking up her world.

Also a lot of these guys use dead-pan. They rattle off some stuff in that tone of voice and with that straight-face where the girl has to think “wait, is he serious?” and basically he’s forcing her to think, which is forcing her to react to him, instead of reacting to her. They tend to have very strong frame-control too, and suck the people around them into their frame.

And finally, because they’re pro-active, they’re always pushing forward…usually to sex, but also just to whatever their goals are (and their goal is often just to shake people up because they know that’ll translate to attraction).

What do you do if you realize upon reading this that you’re stuck in category 3 and you’re tired of asexual interactions and flakey numbers and girls who like you but don’t want to FUCK you, and you want to transition to category 4? The keys are in using breaking-rapport tonality, self-amusing, making statements instead of asking questions, expressing yourself and who you are instead of asking her questions about who she wants or if she approves of things, total outcome independence, etc. Say controversial things unapologetically. Force her, and the people around you, to react to you. Be the center of attention and embrace it. Understand that other guys watching wish they were taking action like you, and girls watching wish that they were being allowed to get swept up in your energy the way the person you’re talking to is. Take improv classes and learn to riff off what people say and redirect the flow of the conversation. Understand that you’re giving value just by being you, and that it’s okay if some people don’t like you. Stick by your opinions, never change your view or your behavior/actions to supplicate to a girl. Completely entertain yourself when you’re out…even if you make an ass out of yourself or say something stupid, act as if it was the smartest awesomest thing in the world and other people will fall into that frame.

And most importantly: LEAD/PUSH THE INTERACTION SOMEWHERE, like to you sticking your dick in her, not to “a nice conversation” or “a pretty solid number”. Get up in her space and escalate as you talk, drop innuendo, add in kino, be an unstoppable force that has the crowd around you going “holy shit look at that guy go!” and has the girls around you telling your target “omg kiss him already!!!”

So there it is. Hopefully this clears up some discussion. Happy Halloween. Get out there and have some fun, every girls’ ASD is on holiday and it’s the sluttiest time of the year. No going for gay phone numbers, go all or nothing for the makeout and Same Night Lays. Escalate hard and fast, they aren’t putting on those slutty outfits to NOT get some dick. Be pro-active, whether you’re laconic or verbose.



On What Makes Naturals Good

Part of what makes Naturals good is that they’re really attuned to these little windows of opportunity and they’ve had success with women for so much of their lives that they instinctively pounce on these windows instantly, whereas guys like us have to learn to watch for them…and beta AFC guys don’t even notice the windows are opening or talk themselves out of it (“nahh no way she could be into me, she probably was just being polite” lol). This is part of why we err on the side of “assume attraction” instead of “assume no attraction”…often, especially at the start, there are actually open windows in the interaction that you don’t even realize are there, so it’s better to be erring on the side of trying to jump through the windows.


On Setting The Mood for your Group of Buddies

I generally try to make sure my whole group feels good and awesome and confident when we go out because I want my buddies to feel like the shit the way I do so we all kill it as a group and all have a blast…so ya, I could be like “Dude, that girl was NASTY!! lol” and tool him in front of everyone, but then what kind of vibe are we going out with? Depression, hostility, insecurity, competitiveness, etc. That’s no fun.


On Amping Up Your State

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but like, you have to program your brain with good shit. Society is programming you with garbage, from music to movies etc it’s all Blue Pill mindset shit, songs about chasing The One and missing a girl and movies where guys are fighting over some average chick and trying to woo her with flowers, newspapers full of dumbed down stories and blogs full of shock stories and nightly newscasts about all the worst shit happening in society because that’s what people tune in to hear about (the news is designed to send you on an emotional rollercoaster, bunch of negative stories and then aww the local puppy shelter held a bake sale look at the cute puppy, rinse repeat).

Program your brain. Control the content you consume and pick content that puts you in a good state and keeps you in positive mindsets. I still listen to angsty weepy music and I still watch sad/deep movies, but I watch them on like, a Sunday or Monday where I’m not going out socializing lol Once Wednesday hits it’s all positive and all awesomeness. I play RSD vids all the time that’s why I know which vids to link when subjects come up, because the content in them is a thousand times better than some depressing weepy emo rant by some negative vblogger that’s going viral and everyone else is consuming.

When I go out solo I spent a few hours before the bar just blasting and singing along to good music as I shower up, compliment myself in the mirror affirmation-style about how awesome I am, plaster a fake smile on my face (change your physiology and all that, the smile eventually becomes real), visualize opening sets successfully, watch funny shit on YouTube, I’ll watch a few episodes of Keys to the VIP or some pickup infield etc so when I head out I’m feeling good and social. It doesn’t just magically HAPPEN…it’s like the gym, most people don’t WANT to go to the gym when they wake up, but they find ways to get themselves there because they made a commitment and once they get there with their headphones on etc they enjoy it but like most people don’t come home from an 8 hour shift and lay around for a few hours lethargically staring at a TV screen zoning out like a zombie till 8pm and then go “I WANNA GO SOCIALIZE WITH STRANGERS ALL BY MYSELF IN A HIGH-ENERGY ENVIRONMENT WOOO!!!” But you made a commitment so you take pro-active steps to get yourself out of a negative zombie introvert mode and into a social positive extrovert mode. It’s on YOU to do that.

I had to do it Saturday, wing was out of town so I had to hit a kiddie nightclub solo. Was so close to bailing but I try to never miss Fri & Sat (I’ve had years where I’ve literally only missed a couple of them) unless like, I’m on the verge of death ill and even THEN I’ll pop some meds and dristan and get out there. This Saturday I could’ve just gone back to sleep. No one would have known. I could have even told people I went out and just made a Field Report up for my buddies, no one would ever find out my little secret. It would be soooo easy, I’m soooo tired and underslept and this bed is sooooo comfy and I can’t visualize anything but failure all I picture is me being low-energy tired and standing around in a corner all night I might as well not go no one is going to want to interact with that guy and I can’t see myself turning this around in just a few hours ughhhh…

But I made a commitment. So I roll out of bed, flip on the lights, put music on and start my process. Had one of my best nights in a long time, making out with a hot blonde, solid number from another girl, opened a bunch of other chicks, befriended random dudes, made friends with a bartender, went along on an adventure to an epic afterparty full of strangers and hooked up. Could never have imagined that was going to happen when I was laying there like a zombie thinking about bailing.

Like the PUA saying goes: “I’ve never regretted a night out, but I always regret staying in.”

Don’t let society program your brain, it wants you docile and retarded and lethargic and self-doubting so you stay in line. Society’s programming is how you GOT here in the first place. Take pro-active steps to program it with good healthy positive shit. Save the zombie mode for lazy days.

(when I go out with buddies I’ll sometimes go out with lower energy or a zombie state because I know I can ride their energy a bit, but if it’s a solo night or we’re hitting a high-energy venue I pump my state for it because why wouldn’t you do your stretches before the big game? Common sense)


On Being the Center of Attention

Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention…learn to thrive on it and enjoy it. We’re taught by society not to draw attention to ourselves and disrupt everyone’s lives…but someone who’s good will revel in creating chaos and having the whole room mind-fucked by what he’s doing.


On What Short Guys Should Do

For a short guy, it’s better for you to be approaching groups with hot girls in them, because you get a chance to demonstrate your value, THEN you can zero in on a target and escalate from there. Being short, you’re approaching with a deficit of value in their stereotypical view of the world, so if you go direct you don’t get a chance to demonstrate how awesome you are…but when you jump into the gladiator ring and go head to head with some lions (aka shit-tests, her bitchy friends, etc.) and come out victorious, NOW you have high-value.

Imagine if, at this point, a hot shooter girl you always flirt with, comes over and grabs you and flirts with you. What would THAT do to the dynamics of this group where you’ve won them over and shown enough value for the 7 and 7.5 to approve of you and you know the 7 is a little bit interested (there’s a spark there, as evidenced by her throwing you a sword earlier, and her asking your name before she goes later)? Then imagine your buddy brings you a beer, because you’re so pimp that your buddies supplicate to you? Then imagine the manager of the bar goes “Scray!! What’s up man! Hey girls, watch out for this guy, he’s trouble! ;) ” and buys the table a round of shots.

Think your height would matter a single fuck at that point? :) This is the kind of game you’re going to be working toward over the next few years of your life. Future Scray will be doing shit you can’t even imagine would be possible for him to do right now.

… Honestly as a short guy I would avoid talking about height related topics at all unless she brings it up. Once you set the frame that you view the world through height, like it’s something that’s relevant to you, she’s going to view the world that way too because what you feel, she feels.


On How to Obliterate a Cock-blocking Bitch Shield

If you watch the last set that Cajun opens on his Keys to the VIP appearance (hit Youtube up), you’ll notice he turns around the bitchiest girl in the set because he says to the friends “I like your friend, you know why? Because she’s the only one who gave me shit.” and basically compliments her on having attitude etc. From there the bitch shield is obliterated and she becomes a sweet purring little kitten.


On Handling Shit-Tests

Thing is, no one shit-tests the quiet shy Nice Guy with no identity who stands in a corner trying to blend into the background while his buddies are approaching girls. He’s insignificant. When you start getting shit-tested, that means you’re popping up on people’s radar. So get used to it lol.

… I’d rather a girl shit-tests me so I can pass those tests and build attraction fast, than just think I’m a “nice guy” and not test me at all and we get stuck in that gay friend zone vibe lol

… If an 18yo girl at the bar says “I hate you”, it hurts. If your 5 year old neice says “I hate you” and pouts it’s cute and you go “lol awww” and are completely unphased by it. So this option is basically treating her like she’s your 5yo neice or little sister, like what she tried to burn you with was silly and she just amuses you trying to give you shit. This shows a lot of confidence and it passes the shit-tests and builds attraction (often causing more shit-tests until she finally decides “okay this guy is solid, I can’t get to him……so I LIKE him!”) lol


On How to Handle another Man trying to Disrupt Your Group Approach and be The Alhpa Male of the Group (AMOG)

This is how I handle AMOGs a lot of the time if they’re dicks to me. I’ll rally the group/crowd up against them, so I know they’re feeling massive social pressure, and as soon as I see them pass that point where they crack and consciously realize “o shit everyone thinks I’m the asshole here”, I’ll press on them a little harder and just give it a twist thinking like “fuck you for being a dick…see this feeling? I control this, this is a direct consequence of you being a dick to me…memorize this pain, asshole.”, and then I’ll just relieve allllllll that pressure and go “lol it’s cool man, we’ve all been drinking and I totally was kind of creepy when I came up anyway lol You gotta’ protect your girls from the bar creepers, right? You’d be a shitty friend if you DIDN’T give a random strange dude shit for talking to them. :) So anyway–(segue into resuming the sarge)”

He’ll take that olive branch because he gets to stop feeling all that social pressure, and now you’re bros.

This is REALLY powerful. You would be surprised how many people, guys, girls, hot girls, tough MMA type guys, etc. will cave to social pressure and how much power you have when you can consciously wield that social pressure. It’s fascinating.

… Generally with AMOGs, try to get into the mindset that everything is a compliment, even if it’s logically probably not…VS the opposite mindset where everything is an insult/AMOG-attempt, even if it’s logically probably not. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll “win” or get the girl or win over the group or whatever, but it’s a healthier mindset because a lot of times when people tease you but see that you laugh it off and they can’t shake you, they respect you for it and then legitimately warm up to you.


On If You Don’t Like Dancing

If you don’t LOVE dancing, like you wouldn’t go to a club JUST to dance, then if you’ve got heavy kino with a girl and it’s later in the night and the dance floor is crowded enough that you can isolate her from her friends a bit and the attraction is there that you feel like you can escalate to sexy grinding and become a “couple” for the rest of the night afterward, cool, go dance with her. But if it’s anything less than that, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot and killing attraction while you dance 2 feet away from her feeling insecure and you’re all in a circle facing eachother friend-zone style.

At least if you just vanish, you’re still a little mysterious and she can wonder what dancing with you would be like.

I actually sometimes go “Okay ya let’s go” and let everyone else walk in front of me to the dance floor and then before I get to the floor I just veer off and go somewhere else and talk to other people or get a drink or go to the bathroom etc. and don’t go onto the dance floor to join them at all lol It makes the girl go “wait what? Where did YaReally go??” and it’s not much but hey, she’s thinking about me and it gives her a reason to re-open me when she sees me later (“hey how come you didn’t come dance??”) where I might be able to build some more attraction and escalate and dance with her on my own terms if I want to dance.

Set the playing field that benefits YOU, don’t let other people lead you into a shitty field. You wouldn’t fight a war on the other army’s home turf if you had the option of fighting it on yours.


On Destroying the I’ve Got A Boyfriend Anti Slut Defense

Tell her you have a girlfriend. Then it’s okay for her to cheat on her boyfriend because you’re cheating on your girlfriend and don’t feel bad about it, so you aren’t judging her and she won’t feel bad about cheating on her boyfriend. She’ll also know that you won’t get clingy and fuck her relationship up with her boyfriend because you already have a girlfriend, so you’re automatically 100% in the “just casual sex” relationship zone.

I’ve had a framed photograph of my GF on my nightstand for almost a year now and it’s actually helped me lay taken girls (“ya, I’m taken too, but we’re out of the honeymoon stage and our sex life has kind of died down so she knows that I play around on my own time because we both know it’s natural to eventually want to explore sex with other people, you know what I mean?”) and set up a casual fuckbuddy frame (“sorry, no dates, I already have a girlfriend and I love her, but god you turn me on, we should do this again sometime”)…which I’m sure is the opposite effect of what she expected giving me the photograph would do lol

As soon as a girl tells me she has a boyfriend I mention being in an open relationship. The girl is always cheating because she doesn’t have an open relationship, but she feels free to cheat with me because she knows I won’t judge her.

I’ve actually told a couple girls “If you break up with your BF, you will never hear from me again.” because I don’t want them to break up with their BF thinking they’re going to seriously date me (it happens and it fucks the dynamic up and creates the “Ultimatum” where I have to either date her or she leaves).

… If she doesn’t harp on having one, ie – she mentions him once and then pretty much never again (until you’re closer to sex), she’s just doing it because of her ASD…she’s dissolving herself of responsibility for what happens because hey, she was a good girl, she SAID she had a BF, anything that happens is your fault not hers. So she has to mention him and then she’s free to fuck you.

But like I say, she’ll probably mention him again closer to sex, or during rapport, but generally she won’t talk about him in a positive light, it’ll be more like “ya my bf and I had a fight last week, I think he’s cheating on me” or “we’re going thru a rocky period” etc. that’s all ASD talking, alleviating her guilt for what’s about to happen.

In that situ, use this:

http://www.bristollair.com/2011/outer-game/pua-techniques/boyfriend-destroyer/ (Yeah this is not his stuff, but he brought it to my attention)


On Why Game beats Nice Clothes/Money

“(to the girl as suit-man walks or stands nearby) wow check out that guy’s suit, that’s fucking pimp. He looks like James Bond. I feel so underdressed in this T-Shirt. You should fuck him, no guy spends that much money on a suit unless he’s got a huge cock under it. I’m just saying, mine is tiny, you would be so disappointed in it. Hey, I saw that, you’re looking at my crotch. (grab her in close, put her hands around my shoulders, my hands around her hips) Fucking pervert, why are you so obsessed with my crotch? I’m totally not putting out tonight you know, you’re not even my type (cheeky grin), I think you’re hideous. ;) (makeout)”

Or in situs where the guy is in set or enters my set or tried pouncing on my girl while I was taking a piss:

“(to the guy) wow that’s an awesome suit man, you look like fucking James Bond. (to the girl) this guy is awesome, you’re lucky your boyfriend dresses up when you guys go out, my ex never dressed up. Oh? He’s not your boyfriend? Oh shit sorry, awkward lol well he fuckin SHOULD be. The man has a SUIT, god. What more could you want? If you don’t date him you’re gonna be stuck with the rest of us ugly poor fuckers. Look at me I’m in a fuckin t-shirt. (side-step, turn her away from the suit guy) I gotta get a suit, what do you think, would I look hot in a suit? Ya? God, why are you so SHALLOW. You’re supposed to love me for my personality, not my ridiculously handsome good looks. I hate you, you shallow shallow bitch. Aww no, I’m kidding, I love you. Can you love me even in my t-shirt? (cut the space and get closer, put her arms up around my shoulders and mine at her waist). Because it seems like you love me already. I’m just saying. (knowingly cheesy) Don’t hold back your feelings, this is destiny. (get closer). But don’t think I’m going to kiss you, you’re not my type, being so shallow and all. I only like sweet (kiss) innocent (kiss) girls who (makeout)…what was I saying again?”

Don’t waste $1000 on a suit till you have game lol


On Marriage

Marriage is a legally binding contract that takes away every ability a man has to express his alpha qualities. In this day and age it is specifically designed to force a guy into a beta role that his woman will, ultimately, lose attraction for.


On Hypergamy

The nuance most guys don’t understand is that Hypergamy isn’t just about “who’s the best looking, richest, most alpha badass James Bond she thinks she can get”, it’s “who’s giving her the emotions she needs”. He IS better than before because even though he hasn’t changed in terms of external attributes, his behavior of IDGAF is now giving her the emotional rollercoaster she’s needed (but society has socially conditioned men to not provide or to feel ashamed/apologetic for providing).

So Hypergamy does apply, but you have to be looking at the right channels of “what is high value to a woman”? And when you just look through society’s channels (looks, money, etc) it doesn’t make sense that a chick dating some rich good-looking guy would fuck the scrubby badboy poolboy who makes her tingle. But when you understand her rich good-looking husband acts is too agreeable or in scarcity and the poolboy teases her or even picks fights with her and smooths them over etc, it makes perfect sense via Hypergamy, because that poolboy is providing her REAL value.

Again this is why I stress guys don’t get caught up in looks, money, etc. because it can put them on a wrong path where they think “I don’t get it, I’m losing attraction, maybe I need BETTER looks and MORE money since those are attractive!!”

When what women ACTUALLY value are the emotions you make them FEEL, and they want to feel a full RANGE of emotions (again no one goes to a movie where there’s no conflict, we pay money to go see horror flicks and shit, no one would read 50 Shades of Grey if the guy was a Nice Guy instead of a tortured bad boy, the entire basis of Twilight is “if we get together I’ll end up killing you” lol).


On Crazy Bitches

What your Blue Pill psychiatrist doesn’t get is that she doesn’t WANT TO GET BETTER. What she’s doing is WORKING. It’s KEEPING YOU AROUND. It’s KEEPING YOU ADDICTED TO HER.

And she ENJOYS IT. She WANTS TO FEEL BAD EMOTIONS AS WELL AS GOOD EMOTIONS. That’s why we pay money for horror movies, that’s why girls watch soap operas and read Twilight and shit. BAD EMOTIONS ARE GOOD EMOTIONS TO HER BECAUSE *******ANYTHING******* THAT ISN’T A DULL FLATLINE OF EMOTION MAKES HER FEEL *****ALIVE*****.

That’s why they cheat on the predictable provider guy who provides them a flatline of emotion even if that flatline is generally positive…they go fuck their lives up and cause themselves MASSIVE DRAMA because they want to feel ANYTHING, good or bad.


On Gaming During Halloween

Halloween is coming up, literally THE sluttiest time of the year with not just NO consequence for girls to be slutty but MASSIVE SOCIAL PRESSURE to BE slutty, and you can open EVERY chick with the EASIEST opener in the WORLD built into the holiday: “Hey, I like your costume” (or in my case “lol wtf are YOU supposed to be?” lol)

And for a month afterward you can ask what they were for Halloween too. But don’t just ask, QUALIFY THEM on it.

Instead of “So what is/was your Halloween costume? Oh, that’s a cool idea!” bla bla, apply Julien’s “boring conversation” stuff (Julien free PIMP vids on YouTube) to add authoritative/qualifying tonalities to it.


“What’s your costume going to be.” (breaking rapport tonality, like it’s a challenge, like you’ll walk away if she says something dumb)
“I’m going to be a (whatever)!”
“No. That’s terrible.”
“What omg!! What’s wrong with (whatever)??”
“Not slutty enough.”
“Well it has a short skirt and (bla bla qualifying)”
etc etc.

Take the conversation sexual, act as if it’s retarded to you that a girl wouldn’t dress up sexy for Halloween like you can’t even comprehend the existence of a girl who’s shy on Halloween etc (because hot girls dress sexy to show it off on Halloween, if you’re the kind of guy who’s around hot girls a lot that’s the mentality you would have…imagine a girl telling Dan Bilzerian she’s going to dress as a truck driver for Halloween, how would he react given the lifestyle he lives in?)

You can add in stuff like telling her what her costume SHOULD be (if she’s smokin hot, tell her she should dress as a truck driver or something unattractive implying that she’s ugly, if she’s shy bring out her sexual side describing sexy costumes and qualify her body etc), and disqualifying her entirely (freezeout, backturn, walk away, just noticeably show less interest, etc) until she wins you back etc.

This year Halloween falls on a Monday so the hotties will be costumed up Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. That’s 4 nights in a row of slutty costumes and girls letting their sexual sides out consequence-free.

Literally EVERY guy here, I don’t care who you are or what your situation is (even the married OMGs, ’cause if you expect your advice to carry weight to the Young Single Guys then you should be infield at LEAST during the easiest weekend of the entire year directly applying red pill shit on <25yo 8+/10s), should be in a nightclub and saying at LEAST that opener (ideally have a routine stack where you guess her costume and have her turn around for you to check her out and think about how you’re going to get up in her space and laser…have routines planned for when she asks you about your costume or lack of costume, not just one-liners but actual stacks that turn her asking that into you escalating sexually etc) to the top 20 hottest girls they see each night, regardless of whether those girls are with guys dressed in their “show off my abs” 300 Gladiator costumes or not, for at LEAST one of those 4 nights, but ideally all 4 nights in a row.

Not even to actually GET those girls (OMGs don’t have to cheat on their wives lol), but just to see some of this “crazy shit” I talk about in action.
More importantly than the OMGs though: this goes quadruple for the Young Single Guys sarging because this is their annual chance to push their comfort zone and gain reference experiences under EXTREMELY IDEAL circumstances with odds stacked MASSIVELY in favor of those 9s and 10s that might normally have bitch-shields up, being receptive as fuck to engaging with strangers since they’re in full attention-whoring mode. Even if you’re ugly or old just say “my costume is a creepy old man who hangs out in bars hitting on 21 year olds, under this I’m actually a 21yo 6″4″ jock with a 6-pack” lol

Just like you should normally be flirting with hot bartenders and waitresses because they’re PAID to be receptive to you and that builds reference experiences in your head of “I AM attractive to hot girls, that bartender loved me she stayed and kept asking questions way longer than she had to and we lasered!!”, and you should always engage birthday/engagement parties because they’re going to be receptive to you and that builds “I can handle groups of girls, girls love me! Also I’m learning group theory and seeing all these things Mystery and YaReally talk about!”, this is like EVERY SMOKESHOW HOTTEST GIRL IN THE ENTIRE CITY being an easy reference experience for you to collect.

You can still take home the slutty nurse 6 that’s been giving you the eye all night or whatever at the end of the night, I won’t judge ya, but EVERY DUDE ON THIS SITE should be out at least one of those 4 nights (ideally all of them) engaging with THE hottest girls they see all night long.

If it’s November 1st and all you’ve opened over the last 4 days are at BEST 6s and 7s and you SAW hotter than that (and we KNOW you did…except maybe Hank lol), then Real Talk: you need to do some serious thinking about how bad you actually want this part of your life handled and how bad you ACTUALLY want LEGITIMATELY HOT 8+/10 girls in your life instead of just average girls.

And for extra challenge, social pressure, and shit-tests: try doing this all without wearing a costume yourself…and mack the costumed chicks instead of the ones that aren’t costumed up which is what your brain will try to do to avoid the social pressure of not being dressed up (“this girl isn’t dressed up so WHEW we have a commonality and I don’t have to fear the social pressure of risking her thinking I’m lame for not dressing up”).

I expect to see a fuckload of “I approached actual 9s and 10s holy shit!!” FRs around here from Halloween weekend lol I don’t care if you even fuck them or not, just get into interactions with them. APPLY all this shit you’ve been reading about. Go UP against the 300 Gladiator AMOGs for the 10s and actually USE what you’ve been learning all year (DHV, tease, step to the side so she’s not facing him, push, pull, merge the set, use another girl to make her jealous, etc etc).

You HAVE the knowledge, you’ve been reading it all year, or for multiple years, and Halloween is THE easiest environment to apply it (every city becomes an overall Vegas mindset for the weekend). Every guy here HAS the knowledge to PULL AND FUCK <25yo 8+/10s who have thousands of orbiters and celebs and rich dudes and shit chasing them. Drag your ass out for at LEAST one of those nights, but ideally man up and do all 4 nights and try to push every set to an actual pull (“What are you doing later?”, see Julien’s free clips on YouTube about asking determining her logistics)

Choose nightclubs over house parties because house parties have limited options and a bunch of orbiter/AMOG dynamics to deal with, and choose nightclubs over bars because they’ll have more room and people are standing/walking around and you want quantity so that you can rack up as much experience engaging smokeshow hotties as possible (VS a pub down the street that might have one solid 9 if you’re lucky and she’ll be there in a big group sitting down at a booth table in a corner).

And on Halloween it’s totally fine to be out solo, no one gives a shit, they just assume your friends are drunk somewhere else (say your buddy went home with a slutty nurse) so don’t let not having friends or some group costume shit be an excuse to not go out.

This is that “push your comfort zone” shit I talk about. You can go out every night for a year straight and not make any real progress if you aren’t actually pushing your comfort zone out there…but spend ONE weekend getting up in the space of 9s and 10s and actually interacting with them on the night they’re most receptive, and you’ll do a fuckload of wonder for your internals and sense of entitlement. Don’t become another Manosphere chode that spends 10 years banging average girls and becomes bitter about the game when he’s really just secretly resenting himself for not stepping up to the smokeshows.

Every single dude trying to learn pickup should come out of Halloween with a boost to his internals every single year. That adds up.


On Not Relying on Your Externals

This also all goes back to why we make guys break out of their comfort zones and handicap themselves infield when they get some of the externals down. Like if I’m helping you, then as soon as you start to love wearing that lucky nicely ironed dress shirt of yours, I’m gonna make you wear a shitty shirt that you think looks horrible. As soon as you get a bunch of good results with your hair combed perfectly, I’m gonna make you go out with it looking fucked up. As soon as you get a bunch of good results on Halloween with the best costume ever, I’m gonna make you go out without a costume. As soon as you think you have amazing verbal game, I’m going to make you try to open and makeout with girls without saying a word. As soon as you get your body-language down perfect and start to get cocky about it, I’m going to make you open with terrible body-language. As soon as you get that amazing job, I’m going to make you say you work at McDonald’s. As soon as you get that 6-pack and get laid and talk about how your bodyfat makes a difference, I’m going to make you wear baggy clothes to cover it up. As soon as you get used to boosting your state with good music and high-fiving your buddies and pre-drinks before the bar, I’ll make you sit in the dark in silence, going out solo, and sober.

And I’m going to make you do these things until you DO have success while doing them. Because I’m playing the cup & ball game with your self-esteem…just when your brain tries to attribute your success to where it knows the ball is, I lift the cup and the ball is gone.

And I’ll make you do this over and over and over until your brain finally accepts that the only constant in all of these changing externals is YOU. At that point your brain goes “well FUCK…I guess *I* must just be attractive then.”

And that’ll last until you stop pushing yourself out of your comfort zones. As soon as you stop pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, you’ll settle in and start to develop crutches again.

And that’s OKAY, technically. You can get laid with those crutches, just like situational confidence isn’t a BAD thing, as long as you’re IN that environment where you have that confidence. It’s just limiting yourself and not optimal in the long-run…you develop an overall better internal frame if you try to remove your crutches whenever you sense them building.

But most guys are scared to go out without their pre-game rituals. That fear is the first sign of a crutch developing.


On Penis Size:

First we’re going to toss out self-surveys by women of what they want, because women are retarded and think they want flowers and nice guys too…again this goes back to “WE ALWAYS IGNORE WHAT WOMEN SAY ABOUT WHAT TURNS THEM ON…EXCEPT WHEN IT ALIGNS WITH OUR ALREADY DEEPLY ENTRENCHED LIMITING BELIEFS, *THEN* WE TAKE WHAT THEY SAY AT FACE VALUE!!!!” You can’t pick and choose when to listen to women’s self-surveys because that’s EXACTLY what the idiot showing up with a dozen roses and asking “so where would YOU like to eat tonight?” and asking her if it’s okay to kiss her is doing when he cherry-picks the self-survey shit that aligns with his retarded beliefs.

On top of that when it comes to sex most women haven’t even HAD good sex. Because most guys are shit in bed. Which again comes down to the same thing with muscles and money: if you are boring as fuck, then yes, those things will help you because you’re giving her nothing else to base her opinion on and she has to resort to those but if you would step up and make emotional impacts on women and quit being a fucking dialtone of mundane flatline emotions (or very slowly raising emotions, or only positive emotions never any negative ones) she wouldn’t give a shit whether your belt matches your custom leather shoes or your dick is an extra inch or not. The guys who are hung up on that shit I can almost GUARANTEE are running fucking weak game and don’t realize it because it might still be better than the average guy’s game.

Look at any of those Julien infield clips in PIMP where he has girls falling over themselves emotionally reacting to him, do you think any of them give a shit what size his dick is or what his shoes look like or that he has man-boobs? They want to fuck him because he’s creating emotional impact and if you’re still hung up on this retarded stuff it’s because your game doesn’t have anywhere near the emotional impact that Julien’s game has and you aren’t getting the reactions that Julien gets that make that shit irrelevant…that shouldn’t be an indicator that you should go get better shoes or lift more weight or try to stretch your dick out, that’s an indicator that you should GO OUT IN THE FUCKING FIELD MORE AND WORK ON YOUR FUCKING GAME lol

…but it’s a LOT easier to let that fear of the field take over and spend your Friday night at the gym or earning money or shopping for shoes or doing dick exercises or climbing mountains or doing MMA or ANY OTHER FUCKING THING UNDER THE SUN TO AVOID PUTTING YOUR BALLS ON THE LINE GOING UP TO PRETTY GIRLS AND SAYING HELLO and developing your game to where you understand what I’m saying and why the RSD instructors aren’t all jacked 6’8″ guys in custom-fitted suits with 12″ dicks.

But today instead of just telling you guys how retarded this conversation is, I’m going to walk you through logical thought processes so that you can understand why what you’re saying is silly. God, where to begin…let’s start simple and build our way up:

1) Do you guys think that all women have giant 24″ BBC monster dildos in their closets? And that sex toy stores don’t sell smaller dildos? Or that only small women are buying small dildos and every chick is buying the dildo that stretches her out the most (and even THEN that just brings us to point number 3 down below). If all women wanted was to just be rammed full then basic market economics 101 would result in stores being stocked with giant fist-shaped dildos and nothing smaller but there are a TON of smaller toys and if you look through a chick’s sex toy drawer she might have a 24″ dildo but generally a chick who has that also has a bunch of smaller ones because she doesn’t just want to shove fists up her pussy every time she’s horny. Most girls have a bunch of toys that just fit “nicely” along with a huge one for the now and then where they want to get rammed full but a lot of them don’t even have one of those.

2) Do you guys think that lesbians are all stockpiling 50″ strap-ons and every time they fuck it’s just railing eachother with huge strap-ons and that’s how they have orgasms? Is all the lesbian porn out there, homemade or otherwise, just lesbians strapping up the biggest rubber cock they can find and plowing eachother with them? Other types of orgasms, other spots in the pussy, other sensations and feelings, the mental aspects the build-up the foreplay the teasing, none of that matters, it just comes down to “look did she shove a 13″ dildo in me or a 12″ because if it was only 12″ I’m OUTTA HERE TILL SHE BUYS A BIGGER ONE!!!”

3) Do you think a girl getting her pussy stretched out to oblivion can even handle a round two of that without some recovery time? Do you lift your max weight at the gym 3x a day with no time for your body to recover? And then she’s going to want to get fist-sized dick railing her the next morning and later that night again? For some girls, ya the pain is probably a turn-on and shit, but like, we’re still talking about the human body here, it needs recovery time that isn’t necessarily pleasant when shit gets stretched all over the place. Those chicks in porn who take a huge 12″ cock up their ass spent the night before and all day leading up to the shoot with various buttplugs up their ass starting from their smallest to their largest so that on the shoot the guy can just ram his huge cock in there. They aren’t just taking a girl off the street and jamming fists in her holes. And if you find a girl who, by default with no stretching or anything leading up to it, can just take a two-fist huge dildo up her holes, there are other concerns you should probably be more focused on lol

4) Do you guys think every chick’s pussy is the same? Like it’s some one size fits all shit? Do you think the height, weight, petiteness, etc of a chick has any relevance to how loose or tight her pussy is? Because if you do, you have more fucking to do. There are fatties with pussies you can barely get a finger into and petite chicks you can shove a fist into. So it doesn’t even make SENSE that “bigger is better” in the same way it wouldn’t make sense to say “for men blonder is better” when tons of men don’t even like blondes or like brunettes or redheads more, and just like it wouldn’t make sense to say “bigger tits are better” when tons of guys don’t even give a shit about tits or are more into asses etc.

But we’ll ignore logic because hey, dick size hits home for guys, it’s a big insecurity society has conditioned everyone to have. I mean, let’s just run with this lack of logic and serve a small asian child the same 50oz steak we’d feed a linebacker, ’cause hey bigger is better, why factor in anything like how tight the chick’s pussy is and how a chick with a small tight pussy is going to find that 3.5″ dick guy just right, and that small tight pussy could be on some 6’2″ blonde model because body type doesn’t correlate to pussy size just like there are small dudes with big dicks and tall dudes with little dicks. This is basic fucking logic.

5) Google Cytheria. I’ll wait. Enjoy that? Are you making 95% of the chicks you shove your dick in shoot waterfalls that literally jet out and drench both of you when you’re thrusting your dick in there? Because odds are you aren’t…if you are, it’s probably just with one or two of your girls who have a natural ability for it and not the consistent majority of them and overall it’s probably inconsistent (because that’s how the mechanics of what’s happening work). Watch Squirting 101 and go out and make a ton of chick’s squirt with the finger technique the dude explains in the video. It’s a hooking upward pulling motion on the upper-front of the pussy aka the g-spot. Unless your dick is shaped like an umbrella handle and you’re yanking it straight upward instead of thrusting it in and out of her, it doesn’t matter if your dick is 5″ or 10″ it’s probably not hitting the g-spot in the way that leads to insane squirting orgasms. There’s a chance you might rub against it or hit it, depending on the shape of her pussy and the angle your dick bends at and the position you’re fucking her in, but with just my fingers, doing what the guy is explaining in Squirting 101 I can make like 95% of the chicks I’m with squirt to an extent that blows their mind and leaves them twitching and useless and unable to form words as their legs quiver while we cuddle after, along with an understanding how chick’s orgasms/bodies/minds function to make that shit consistently easy to do to them regardless of their vagina size or my dick size etc because it’s just fingers.

My point with this one is that there are different types of orgasms, not just P in V and you should know how to make her have all those other types of orgasms. If your mentality is “girls need to be railed hard with a huge dick to have an orgasm”, like, you have a lot of learning about getting chicks off to do lol G-Spot, Deep-Spot, A-Spot, Clitoral, figuring out her personal erogenous zones and fantasies and using that shit to get her to cum without even touching her pussy, like, you should be able to do this stuff and understand how their bodies work for that shit if you’re going to go out seducing a bunch of chicks. You don’t show up to a baseball game only knowing how to swing a bat. Swinging a bat is a great skill and useful to win the game, but there’s more to the fucking game than that lol

I get that the older guys didn’t have the type of porn we have now so like, back in their day just fucking a girl missionary was basically what sex was, but like, educate yourself. Anyone who says “oh porn is all fake” is an idiot who hasn’t looked at porn in the last 10 years where tons of it is real people putting up their own homemade shit with tons of real orgasms achieved through tons of different ways. You should be studying that shit and learning from it and reading books and PDFs and forums and shit about getting girls off. You should have a whole fucking arsenal of moves in bed. Watch a bunch of lesbian porn and don’t fast-forward to the orgasm part, watch the whole boring slow build-up, that boring slow build-up isn’t just filling time, that shit is what builds up the orgasm payoff.

The first time I hook up with a girl I often don’t even bother trying to P in V her because I will have her screaming and gushing like Cytherea till she can’t move and her pussy can’t take anymore, with just my tongue and fingers, and because most guys suck at sex half the time she’s laying there going “omg what did you DO to me???” because she’s never had a squriting/g-spot orgasm, so I know THAT’s going to be a bigger novelty than just getting railed, and that’s going to have her coming back for more because she knows she can’t get that from other guys. I could literally be dickless, or have a little one-inch nubbin down there or not take off my pants and it wouldn’t matter because I’m doing all this other shit.

6) Too big hurts, there’s a spot I can’t remember the name of but it’s like the back wall of the pussy where if you ram into that it hurts like a bitch. Some girls who get off on actual pain will like that it hurts but those are the pain-fetish chicks which are kind of a niche market, for most girls it’s an instant “holy fuck stop ouch ouch ouch”, just like some dudes get off on girls kicking them in the balls but for most of us it’s a “holy fuck stop ouch ouch ouch” level of pain.

7) It’s a helluva lot easier to convince a girl to do anal if you don’t have a huge dick lol “you won’t even notice it” I have a 5’2″ buddy who’s got a small dick and every girl he’s been with has taken it up the bum because it’s not as daunting as a monster cock. I’ve had a few girls where they wanted to do anal but they were too petite and we couldn’t get my dick in and we were both disappointed that we weren’t able to do it (without a ton of building-up and slow stretching her ass and all that, not real convenient for a same-night lay though)

8) Ever tried throat-fucking a petite girl? It’s not even an option if she can’t get her mouth around your dick easily, let alone getting her teeth out of the way. A lot of girls LOVE to get roughly deep-throated, to where they’re gagging and choking and the back of their throat hurts the next day, it’s a huge submissive thing for their guy to just grab their head and throat-fuck them. Too big a dick and there are things you’re not able to do in bed.

9) Let’s say dick size DOES matter. Now, I don’t know how you guys do pickup, but my pickups generally don’t involve whipping out my dick and a tape measure in the middle of the bar while she’s talking about how she loves her career in marketing. Like how do you guys visualize that she would even KNOW what your dick size is before you whip it out when you’re both about to actually fuck?? A girl doesn’t see my dick size or shape or my body or the actual flabbiness of my man boobs or the hair on my back or any other random insecurity I could come up with, until she’s so turned on that we are about to fuck. If I’m seducing her properly, she’s so turned on that whether I have an extra inch down there or a 6-pack or live in a nice mansion etc etc none of that shit will matter. I might put her hand on my cock thru my pants as part of the seduction process but like, it’s going to just be for a second to make her curious I’m not going to have it on there and hand her a tape measure lol

Would she, on a self-survey, SAY she’d like a guy with a huge dick? Sure. Would she also say she’d like to fuck in a nice mansion bedroom with 5-star hotel cleanliness? Sure. But did the girls my buddy and I picked up around New Years fuck him in his dirty filthy bathroom and me on his shitty old futon? Yup. And are both of them texting us to hook up again? Yup. BUT TEH SELF-SURVEYSSss!!1 Are you going to say you want a girl with huge tits and a tiny waist and perfect ass and gorgeous face with perfect facial features and perfect personality traits etc on a self-survey? Sure. How many of you not only FUCK girls who AREN’T like that, but ENJOY fucking them and even MARRIED them? Fuck self-surveys lol

When a girl is turned on, she’ll fuck whatever dick is in front of her. If she laughs you out of the room for your tiny 3″ dick it’s not because of your dick it’s because you suck ass at seduction and didn’t have her turned on to the point where she doesn’t care about that and/or you were subcommunicating being self-conscious about it and you should be studying how to get her off better and embracing your “flaw” the same way you’d embrace being “too old for her” etc. Make her squirt a few times before you even pull your dick out if you’re that concerned.

It’s like this retarded boogeyman “she’s just gonna KNOW I have a little dick oh no!!!!” Yes if you’re banging social circle girls and you have a huge dick it might spread around and there will be girls curious to check it out. But that’s just passive game, it’s the same as the guys who worry about whether their belt matches their shoes, they’re focusing on passive game because their pro-active game is weak as shit and girls end up checking out whether their belt and shoes match and choosing them based on dick size rumors. “ohh but I saw a video on youtube where the guy had a camera on his crotch and girls were looking at it” fucking who cares that’s passive game, fuck passive game you’re learning SEDUCTION not “stand and look pretty and hope the 10 you want decides to come jump on your cock while you durrr around like a chode” game.

And if that girl happens to, in particular, love P in V orgasms and hates foreplay (I’ve run into these types but they’re pretty rare in the same way that a guy who hates getting blowjobs exists but is rare, for most girls orgasms is orgasms and most of them haven’t felt G/Deep/A/etc. orgasms before (which all come with different feelings) so that shit is all new and exciting enough as it is for them to enjoy the sex), then ya, that particular size-queen type of girl might not call you back for another hookup and she’ll go chase the biggest dick she can find. That’s okay, these girls are rare and you have other girls on the go because you’re out in-field working on your game and actually seducing women to fuck them, not mentally masturbating in this comment section all day right?

10) The idea that a guy with a big dick will fuck MORE women is just like, how do you even come to that conclusion in a logical way? Again in social circle maybe, because he can fuck based on his reputation, but off cold-approach??? That doesn’t make any fucking sense. Girls don’t know who’s dick is what size, and they aren’t walking out on a guy who just gave them a bunch of orgasms just because he whips his dick out and it’s smaller than she expected the exact same way you probably aren’t kicking out that chick who’s been blowing you for 10 minutes and has you on the edge of an orgasm just because she takes off her shirt and she’s a little chubbier than you realized. It MIGHT affect retention/return-visitor rate because logically you could make that argument (tho again, size queens is a niche market, not the common market, and again we have to account for her pussy size shape etc etc), but you would have to pull some serious mental gymnastics to explain how dick size would affect cold approach lay count and most of those explanations you could come up with would be solved with better game the same way needing a nice watch can be solved with better game.

(I actually HAVE seen a girl laugh a dude out of a party for having too small a dick (jacked bodybuilder guy too) but it was because he was insecure about it and got pissed off and ran off which of course failing the shit-test just increased the laughter, whereas if he had played it cool like my little 5’2″ buddy would and just roll with it and suggest anal in a confident way he’d’ve passed the teasing shit-test instead of over-reacting and showing weakness and inviting a bombardment of jackal on prey behavior)

11) You know WHY a lot of girls place a lot of importance on P in V sex in self-surveys? Because most of the guys who read the shit I’m writing right now don’t actually DO this shit with girls so all girls have to judge sex by IS P in V because all these guys think “I just have to shove it in and jackhammer away as long as possible and that’s good sex” and they haven’t even squirted before or cum till they blackout or get Jamed Deen roughhandled etc. So all they can really go by IS the one move every guy does every fucking time lol

And I’m not even getting into actual kinks and bringing her personal fantasies to life and shit, there’s a whole nother WORLD of fun options there, while most guys are just railing away as hard as they can or fingerbanging as hard and fast as they can because it totally worked on Sally in high school brah trust me I know what I’m doing brah And I’m not even bringing up that James Deen just has a normal sized cock etc because we already went over the James Deen shit for 10 pages.

12) Now I’m not saying having a big dick is BAD (although as I’ve pointed out there are situations where it’s not ideal), and yes, there are girls out there that prefer a nice big dick, but the amount of chickens-with-their-head-cut-off nonsense I see grown men going through about the subject without doing any logical rational thinking, like, this is such a retarded thing to worry about lol Like does anyone even KNOW how to get girls off?? Is this a junior high school boy’s locker room where all anyone knows about sex is what they heard some other kid tell them about sex? You have the entire fucking internet at your fingertips to learn this shit. Being a good lay should be a hobby you enjoy learning about and getting better at if you want to go out picking up random girls.

And finally here are some tips, from a guy who’s just got a nice normal average dick nothing special, and is too out of shape to thrust away for 30 min lol:

1) in missionary position, lift her legs up to your shoulders so she’s knees to her chest and fuck her that way, it changes how shit is angled/shaped/squeezing and makes your dick feel bigger to her

2) if you want to increase the odds of her orgasming from P in V, start by using oral/fingers to get her off a couple times, so that she’s aroused as fuck (side note: you want to give her a couple orgasms before making her squirt too, trying to make her squirt off no build-up is tougher, again download Squirting 101 with Cytherea and watch the dude with the wristband explaining shit and how the other guy keeps fucking it up because he isn’t doing the right hand position and how easily it happens when you do it right and look for the clip with the asian chick and the timer at the end too). Then build up to her next orgasm but this time DON’T push her over the edge, when you feel her getting close to the edge just pull your tongue back and lightly kiss around her mound or thighs or lightly slowly graze your tongue around without touching her clit or pussy lips etc and just keep teasing her on the edge like that for a while, as her body calms down after a minute of not doing anything, keep going and tease her up to the edge again and back off etc etc She’ll be begging but just keep her on the edge…

Do that for a bit and, when she’s on the edge, THEN condom up (safety first) and slide inside her. If you’re sliding your dick in there just out of the blue with no build-up, you might make her cum from P in V but you’d better have some good cardio ’cause you’re turning that radio dial from like a 2 to a 10. Why not get the dial up to a 9 and THEN stick your dick in? Common fucking sense here lol This is pretty much my standard M.O. because I am chubby and out of shape with zero cardio so I can’t thrust for long I need to cheat lol They’ll usually end up cumming in under a minute of thrusting and from there it’s not real difficult to get them to keep cumming, it’s that initial one that’s the toughy.

3) Combine the number 2 edging shit with the legs up position from number 1, espeically after giving her a g-spot orgasm or two, and she’s not going to have any real complaints about your dick lol

4) and if you’re still concerned after all of this, stock some fucking toys in your kink drawer to bust out on her. Tie her up and get her off with them. Learn how to fist a girl safely. Use your fucking imagination lol

5) read the big James Deen discussion in my archives for shit about dominance leading etc and how that shit is more important during sex than a 12″ dick or jacked muscles lol

Worrying about the size of your dick is like saying “no one will want to go on a road trip with me because the windows in my car are manual instead of automatic”. It’s such a small part of a overall road trip that to me it indicates that the person saying it doesn’t even really understand how a car works, or why a road trip is fun, or what value other people get out of going on a road trip with them or how to make a road trip fun for their partner.

The fact that I have to even write this post and guys don’t already go out and figure this shit out for themselves (by doing their homework with porn and instructional material, and going out in-field and actually pulling and fucking girls and trying all this shit out on them), is why I end up fucking so many dissatisfied wives and girlfriends of other guys. Of ANYONE, the guys in a forum about seducing women should be at the fore-front of understanding all this shit already…if YOU guys don’t get it, and your HOBBY is trying to fuck women, the average Joe out there sure doesn’t get it. And then their girl fucks me and they go look up penis enlargement shit thinking THAT was his problem because he doesn’t understand basic fucking attraction.

And if you want to REALLY understand what I’m explaining, here’s an experiment you can do that none of you will actually do because it involves discomfort and risk and is SCARY and most guys are too in scarcity to fuck around with something like this (because they aren’t going out and pushing their sets to full-close sex enough):

Try this: Don’t fuck any of your next 10+ girls. No P in V. With all of them make up an excuse (back pain or your dick hurts from jacking off too hard or something or hell make up a fake STD, say you got tested and have chlamydia and are on a round of pills and don’t want her to catch it so we can’t do P in V this time till it’s cleared up, etc etc). POP-QUIZ HOTSHOT! NOW WHAT DO YOU DO? Shit!! You have to somehow satisfy this girl in bed, AND give her an amazing enough experience that she’s texting you wanting to hook up again, but you can’t do P in V…do you have the sexual skillset to still blow her mind and get her to come back begging for more? If you DON’T, if removing P in V neuters 90% of your sexual arsenal, then re-read this post and get studying and practicing and going out in-field because that shit means your sexual skillset is weak and limited and needs work.

Another experiment: no sticking anything in her pussy. See if you can give them a mind-blowing enough experience without even opening their pussy lips to where they’ll come back for more. This should be EASY for you especially if you bring out stuff like blindfolds and handcuffs etc. Learn to get them to the edge and just drive them wild for hours till you can make them cum with full-body shaking “can’t form coherent sentences afterward” intensity just by lightly blowing across their clit, or lightly grazing a fingertip over it or sliding the tiny little tip of your pink finger between their pussy lips, nothing deep inside their pussy required. Make P in V off-limits until the rest of your skills make up for however small your stupid dick is lol

My dick could get chopped off by a psycho girl (knock on wood aka mah dick lol) or I could get the herp or something and no longer have a dick to fuck a girl with and I would STILL be able to get girls wanting to come over to hook up with me for repeat business because I understand and am good at all this other shit. You guys should all be working on developing that if you’re going to be this big pickup player seduction badass


On Self Amusement






On Opening Girls Directly and Indirectly:





On Opening Girls Indirectly AND Expressing Intent “cutting the line”:



Fleezer’s Thoughts On Women & Game


“The Red Pill is the only way out.”


the red pill is the only way in

“man is a superman stretched across the abyss” = old thinking

“man is the abyss”

swim around in it. cross back and forth from one shore to the other often. set up camp on both sides and get comfortable playing in the middle of the rushing stream

resistance is suffering. do not resist. adapt

remember: great camps aren’t made, they’re found and exploited



“the Red Pill world is not comforting”

only initially (like stepping into the super fast batting cage sans warm up – after a few swings you don’t want to be anywhere else)

and then the blue/purple pill world is uncomfortable. sickening even.

and then finally both are comforting

keep going until you reach that place. i promise it exists and you will find it if you just keep going

i think there might even be a place beyond the red pill world…

Sentient’s platinum pill world?

a heavy, grayish-white, highly malleable and ductile metallic element, resistant to most chemicals, practically unoxidizable except in the presence of bases, and fusible only at extremely high temperatures: used for making chemical and scientific apparatus

you are the beaker and she is the volatile chemical mixture

the reaction does not affect the beaker



i believe in the idea of “quality” women

because i know what “quality” means to me

i can filter for signs of “quality”/”potential” in every new hb faster than I ever thought possible (thanks Rollo)

it’s like when you’re trying to find a tiny screw you dropped on the carpet

best thing to do is drop another one intentionally, watch it land and then scan for the missing one

“calibration is key” – some OMG

i’m constantly scanning for that one tiny screw lost in the vast shaggy carpet that is the smp

but because of the mano this does not cost me much energy at all as it happens constantly during my daily life

“always be gaming” – some OMG



is there a “the one”?

of course not

there are millions of them

and hunting for “the next one” is so much fun

i absolutely believe in “the next one”

is that hope?

if so, i’m an irrational hopeful red pilled unicorn hunter

but is a unicorn really a unicorn if they’re everywhere?

maybe unicorn really just means any hb8+ you can ride like a pony

if that’s the case, then hope, unicorns and rational red pill thinking not only can coexist, they must coexist as the only way to hunt magical unicorns is with a totally rational red pill mindset

unicorn slaying = alpha widow creation

notch count important.

alpha widow count also possibly important if you want to be able to catch free range unicorn and get it to clip its own wings for your benefit

rational male superiority = being able to create the emotional roller coaster and totally ride it with her, while not getting lost in your own creation (like she does)



“Make sense with stories.”

hot “maga” babes everywhere – they’re fucking nerds too. so scared and sheltered. just a little exposure to T is enough to get them all silly and tonguetied

if you can game, fuck and meme – they’re more dtf than ever. so fucking slutty. “conserv” leaning girls are the hottest and the sluttiest and the best fucks

why can’t shitlibs one sheet?

why can’t they make sense with stories?

“Funny thread.”

twitter is the toilet bowl of humanity

twitter terrorist = wet introvert maga pussy

girls obviously love love love to see “likes”, “retweets”, etc. they love recognition, but surprisingly for more than just a nice cleavage pic or whatever cuz that gets boring and predictable and really girls like to shiv almost as much as they like to be wanted but surprise surprise they suck at one sheeting too, until you give them the parameters (just like everything else)

girls will admit that they loved to cut heads out of magazines and paste them on different bodies and caption/dialogue them with their friends

this natural drive to rearrange and ridicule can be harnessed:

this is good for early isolation because you can say you need art/office supplies and that won’t be cool to bring to the coffee place – “we’ll do it at my place. just bring your shit and anything we don’t have we can get” (easy bridge to venue hopping/time distortion).

this is good for early isolation because you can say “absolutely nothing sexual happens during redpilling ops” of course bringing up sex and then disqualifying her/choosing the mission

this is good for dhv because you will help her develop instant new skills that she can show off when it suits her needs

this is good because it’s a quick insta date with the girls who get through the maga filters easily. make her qualify for the terrorist group (the goal is to pill all her orbiters and if you tell her that you’re acknowledging that you will not be a part of that group, you are in a different category immediately)

is any of this ideal? of course not. and it’s only for a small subsection of girls, but it beats tinder or whatever else fatty ugos are using these days and instead of fighting the distracting tendencies of tech, harness them to harness the power of groupthink and let her in on a small slice of a new world. lots of nasty shit to talk about too when red pilling, which of course makes the pussy just a little wet. schneiderman is the gift that just keeps on giving.

her: “schneiderman who?”

me: “shut up, white slave, and rub my fucking feet”

anyone who says “don’t talk about red pill with girls” is missing out on a ton of angles of approach, especially with the introverted younger ones who can’t put the phone down



“They are The City! And the city is pretty fucking ugly…”

this is why sniper techniques apply so well to modern city life

methodical patience required

real hbs are like hummingbirds

gotta pay attention and be ready to deploy all tools in the kit when the moment strikes

the rarity of hb8+ might make a guy want to handle each little bird with care


their rarity requires you attempt to crush thier little bird brains at every turn

in this case nature becomes counterintuitive becomes second nature – i fucking ignore and then troll the shit out of every hb i can – at a minimum their first impression of me should include fear (several times old beta friends of mine have entered relationships with girls they orbited in earlier years, girls outside of my social circle. this has brought the girls into my circle and gives them the opportunity to confess that they were “scared” of me when they were younger because of what they “heard about me” – see vanessa trump’s early bf. his “thuggery” was really just selling weed with a gun in the trunk but it got her off plenty because she had no experience – she then wanted a real boss like potus but settled for jr and then ejected as faux boss is no fun

it’s fuck marry kill

and marry and kill are not options



“The top 3 US mainstream models:”

pass. pass. pass.

“BarstoolSmokeshows Instagram page:”

yes. yes. yes.

but i won’t pay for them to visit those locales

or take their pictures

those are not model pics so chances are there is an interchangable beta boy behind the camera for every single one of her mega filtered “glamour shots”

don’t be that guy. be the guy she’s fucking after that guy passes out from all the hard work of being her executive assistant



“I won’t pretend that I understand biology and psychology.”

same here. the idea that women basically inherit the nervous system of their mother, whereas men don’t because of the changes that take place becoming male is pretty wild

so they got the mitochondria and the nevrous system going all the way back to big momma

once you reach the level of fucking where you see her go animal, you see bio awalt

that moment fucks with a lot of guys i think. it don’t matter how much you think she’s into you. in that moment, she will fuck ANYTHING. the code fully expressed

psychology isn’t science like some egghead math speaking beta prof sees it, but it sure is something

i know which class i’d rather be gaming girls in. no contest



I’m starting to think that everybody complaining about everybody else is really just secretly deep down fucking pissed that they aren’t fucking hot chicks. could it really be that simple?

if this guy was emptying into his pieces of choice, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep

all problems caused, and ultimately poorly solved, by betas? are we really trapped in a problem reaction solution downward spiral?

beta = believing reason applies to women the same way it applies to the systematic world men build and maintain for women

that world operates on predictable rules that can be modeled with equations

women’s behavior is very predictable and makes perfect sense, but not if you look at it through the beta lens of “build and maintain”



theory: a woman will lose her shit if she is denied her prostitution experience

it is deep in her roots to fuck as an emotionless transaction

they fuck for all kinds of reasons

almost like the pussy is the only way they can really communicate. we can tease out small differences on their fuck spectrums, but nothing compared to the nuance they experience

that’s why they can “kinda” consent. or “kinda but not really cheat” or “make love” and to us it could, depending on how fucking tanked/horny we are, look pretty much the same

it’s awesome



Her instinct to fuck is what I’m after, and to get to play around at that deep instinctual level in the modern age, I have to play at the emotional level too, mostly to give her plausible deniability and sidestep asd

for seduction, reason is not required



The Rational Male is like a video game cheat code. no matter where you are in the game, you can push pause, travel to Rollo’s camp and quickly and easily upgrade all your equipment, up your hit points, consult with dark arts wizards and then just push pause again to resume your game without anyone knowing you’re not playing fair

and if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like to cheat, even when nobody’s looking… this one doesn’t count



I am fine tuning my game on a daily basis to the point that i can make complete strangers bite their lower lip within 5 min., touch themselves, play with their necklace, blush, giggle, get fucking nervous. i can see the gears turning, juices starting to flow just a little. is my understanding surface level? of course. this is an emerging interdisciplinary field with huge knowldege gaps and massive amounts of bad data and disinformation

telling novices they are novices is no great revelation. a good reminder though because while others are complaining about how a big bully did this or that, I’m simply getting better and better and stronger and stronger and my reference experience set is growing, bombarded by positive feedback and encouraged by just about every straight attractive piece i encounter

if ya’s game had evolved past breifly entertaining club rats he would have kept posting. it didn’t, so he doesn’t

you’re a bitch, ya. i ate your game, kept what was worth keeping and shat out the rest. i practice on 15,000 under 22s and my only weakness is the wife. not because i can’t control it, but because i can. i can afford to be weak whenever i want and indulge in every single thing the world has to offer regardless of the cost

abundance cannot be broken down like pickup can. you gotta feel it.





Blaximus Game


Quick observation from 2 hours ago. Went to a bank and had to wait a few minutes until they opened, so I started watching a Joe Rogan video to kill the time. Cutish chick, maybe mid 20s walks by and tries to open the locked door…forcefully. I tell her without looking up from my phone that what she’s doing technically constitutes bank robbery.

She starts complaining in earnest that she’s already late for whatever the fuck, and I tell her ” let me pause my video so you can vent “. She says ” sorry ” quickly, but I noticed her sandals and feet – no, I don’t have a foot fetish or anything, but her feet/nail polish/toe ring/sandal combo looked very nice.

Me: your sandals are very nice. Who makes those?

Her : tthhhaannnkkkk yyyoouuuu!!!! I got them online, they are ‘ X ‘ brand ( I never heard of that brand ).

Me: well, your feet actually set off the design…

Her : lol… You’re gay right? You don’t look gay..

Me : what did you say?

Her: oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to offend you. You’re not gay right? You don’t look gay, I’m just saying…

Me : what are you just saying? Are you homophobic?

Her: oh God. Embarrassing..

Me: don’t be embarrassed. Maybe I came off wrong. Let’s start again.

Her : okay please, let’s do that.

Me: hello, say, you have a really nice ass. I hope this isn’t coming across as gay or anything.

Her: #laughing# I guess I deserved that.

Me: yup. You homophobe.

Bank dude comes and unlocks door and we go inside and form a line.

Her: let me ask you something, are you saying no one ever asked you if you were gay?

Me: are you still talking to me? I don’t talk to homophobic strangers….

Her: shhhhhhh!!!!! People are looking…

Me: so what’s your name so I know who to name in the police report?

Her : Athena.

Me: that explains your apparent goddess complex.

Her: I can’t with you. What’s your name? And I was only saying that your beard is so neat, and you’re dressed casual but stylish, you know? And you noticed my sandals. Now, if you Woulda started with ” yo ma you look good ‘, I wouldn’t have gone the gay way.

Me: Yo ma, them titties…

Her: oh my God – shhhhhhhhh!!!!! People can hear you!

Me: well Athena, I’m Blaximus. Now you can put a name to the face you’ve been insulting.

I take care of my transaction. Athena asks me to wait up.

Her: I apologize if I offended you.

Me: nah, see now I might need therapy. But if you want to make it up to me, it is my cheat day and I’ve been waiting to cheat all week. I’m willing to cheat with you.

Her: what? Wait… What?

Me: its just a thought. If you won’t cheat with me I’ll just do it by myself.

Her: by yourself? You mean jerk off?

Me: what!!??!! What are you even talking about? I’m talking about carbs. I can have carbs today. My diet cheat day. I was seeing if you were interested in some pastry. Maybe with coffee. Wtf???

Her : # cracking up #

Me: bakery 2 doors down. Motel 5 blocks down. Your choice since you have sex and sexuality on the brain.

Her : but I’m late for work.

Me : your already late. You’ll just be later. C’mon girl, the croissant ain’t gonna eat itself.

Her: okay, but hurry up.

Chatted for about a half hour. She has a bf. He’s not pulling the trigger on marriage, lol. Exit visa immanent. She says that he’s’ changed ‘.

She never asked if I was married or had a gf.

Poor dude.



The other day I was in Walgreen’s in the candy isle marveling at the vast variety of stuff I couldn’t reasonably eat.

My blood glucose went up 20 ng just by breathing in that location.

A woman walked up and was looking at a pillow case sized bag of M&M’s.

I ‘ opened ‘ her by just saying,  “seriously ?” and she responded like 80% of women I initiate with do by saying, “What?”

I love “what?” Because at least I know I have your attention and you will actually be listening for my reply. Not being polite or courteous, but listening. Semi engaged.

I can always build off of semi engaged with, “Who do they think needs a garbage bag full of M&M’s??” And she laughed. That caugh-off-guard-by-your-reply laughter.

Then I stepped back about 3-4 feet and beckoned her to come closer. Compliance, because she wanted to see what was going to happen.

I put my hand on her shoulder while looking around to see if anyone was near, and I leaned in closer and said in a low tone, “It figures that the place that opiods are distributed from would have gigantic bags of chocolate for sale.”

Laughter. I feigned pulling her away from the candy telling her, “I see I have to stage an intervention here.”

More laughing. “Yeah, it’s all fun and games until Willy Wonka is pimping you out to feed your habit.”


#3 (To Blax, game is more than just gaming women)

You brought a tear to my eye talking about chopping wood.

I used to spend summers with my grandparents in rural ( and I mean RURAL ) Virginia. My grandfather demanded it. It was like time traveling, as we lived in a 2 story lot cabin with no running water and wood stoves. The one in the kitchen was a massive beast yet beautiful at the same time.

Every morning at sunrise my grandfather would chop wood before heading off to work. As a young boy, I couldn’t wait to get big enough to swing his axe.

In my family, makes had particular rites of passage. The ” old guys ” oversaw the process. Looking back, it was basically a survival course spread out over a decade.

We had to learn:

Chopping wood

Building fires

Butchering livestock

Planting gardens and trees

House framing and roofing

Well digging….by hand initially

Hunting and trapping

Hide tanning

Horse riding, bareback and saddled.

How to kill shit with huge hunting knives

Handgun, shotgun and rifle.

These were taught by a dozen men with a few hundred years of experience, so the learning curves wasn’t that steep at all. The biggest lesson learned was that men must ” do “.

Out of all of the stuff women say, what I dig the most is when they look at me and ask “woah…who are you?????” .:lol. I’ve gotten laid by just sitting on my front porch playing oye como va with a tiny pignose amp.

Living life fully will make you the prize, and you will know this without a doubt. It ain’t about them.

Bring girls that are worthy and proven home…. They walk in, look around, and start trying to figure out what They are seeing. ” wait, did you paint these? ” yeah. ” are these all your guitars? ” yeah. ” sooo…you box? ” yeah. ” is that you driving that car? ” yeah. ” are those your old cars under those covers? ” yeah. ” you can build cars? “. Yeah. ” you actually cooked this? “. Yeah. Etc.

And it’s been like that forever, right up till last weekend when a dozen high school grads were querying me.

The past? Lol. Things have changed? Lol. Men have changed. Women are reactive to negative change. Do the math.

It’s just a little sad when women gather around to watch me grilling, because they’ve not seen a man really work the fuck out of fire, flames and meat. ” you don’t get burned? “. No. ” omg, isn’t it too hot?? “. No. ” you want something cold to drink? “….why yes darlin’.



Sentient’s Dynamic, Passionate, Authentic Framework

This is why I’ve developed the Alpha Triad… to understand what are the fewest but essential elements of Alpha… the Dynamic, Passionate and Authentic traits and displays… and then why is this useful? And then how is this used? Those are different order questions.

So I think there is universal acknowledgement that women are attracted to Alpha. If anyone disagrees with this, just move on to your own thing. You are at the wrong table.

Then consider that I’ve posed the question here just on this thread five or more times “What is Alpha?” and zero have an answer… and I know why… because they know they do not really have an answer and understand what Alpha is, and as dogs will come up with huge dog lists of what they believe is manly or cool or seductive or this or that… [Money!, Honor!, Courage!, Muscle! a big dick!] which serve no purpose because there is no consistency in application…

So this:

1. Laser eye her on approach
2. Stand facing bar with your palms on the bar shoulder-wide apart.
3. Hold the handshake a bit longer.
3. etc, etc. just quick stuff I can remember

These are just actions that can be met with revulsion and disinterest unless there is that something giving them life, that spark… that radiance of Alpha…

Absent living a dynamic, passionate and authentic life… you get meh response or you get PUA “fake it” response…. which can work in the short term… but you are juggling a process… you are not merely living a process…

So looking for the explanation of what is Alpha, what types of guys – universally – are women attracted to – and this is a key point for those without access to a dictionary “attracted to” has a specific meaning, i.e. it does not mean HAS SEX with necessarily (a confusing point for the absolutists) I looked about… I looked at historical figures, I looked at contemporary figures, I looked at my friends and my own life… and discovered three things… the irreducible elements of what is Alpha… the things that explain why women are attracted to both the lying, cheating petty criminal and the Rich, Eagle Scout Church Deacon CEO. That they and all in between the extremes have in common… they are dynamic, passionate and authentic…

And I cogitated a hypothesis as to why these three, posted in summer of 2014… can’t find that one but here it is anyway:

Dynamic – a bias for action, initiation, invention. These are male life giving and sustaining traits. A man siting on his ass ain’t bringing in mastodon meat or discovering how to make fire or exploring and conquering new territories or defending existing ones. Male dynamism is the corollary to female reproduction and nurturing.

Passion – a hunger for increasing knowledge and skill. Passion is the fuel for dynamic endeavor, informing and amplifying. Passion brings life to the male trait of mission, which drives the larger society forward in the same way a female’s biological mission is to bare children – but on a broader basis. Passion reveals the mysteries of the cosmos underpinning navigation and exploration, the relationship of musical notes creating Bach’s fugues and the development of medicine.

Authentic – male truth, the counter to female truth which is emotion. Being who you are by living as you say. This is independent of any moral judgement. Authenticity is the bedrock of leadership. So when you declare to drive your enemies from their land, raze their buildings and salt their fields you mean it AND you do it. Walking the talk even when difficult.


and lo and behold… these traits go on to explain why a sensitive slight vegan artist and a muscle bound sadistic football player fratbro both have women falling over themselves…

Is The Alpha Triad a process? No. Never was. However it is a shorthand guide, navigational beacons… when you are acting and displaying the Triad Traits you are projecting Alpha. If you want a “process” well that is where the Platinum Rule comes from… Do Whatever You Want Whenever You Want To Do It. This is a reliable way to start to become dynamic, passionate and authentic.

But Alpha can have a lot more attributes!

Yes. But what are the fewest? That is the point… the fewest… the easiest… the simplest…

But will I get laid man displaying the Alpha Triad!!!!? LOL

That is still going to depend on you… this is where Mystery Method and certain Game techniques come into play… and you view “Game” as understanding a language… the female Language of Seduction. It is important to learn a language when you are trying to communicate with people who only speak it… But language is only a tool… It is not a mental Point of Origin, an ethos, a philosophy or self actualization… It is a method of communication [i.e. “he just gets it”]

But guess what? If you pursue the Platinum Rule and start to live a dynamic, passionate and authentic life – YOU become your MPO… YOU become the focus of your life. EVERYTHING else is an adjunct to it and in SERVICE to YOU… Pussy comes down off the pedestal… shit tests are easily passed… AMOGing disappears… You never run out of things to say…

In short… women become attracted to YOU for you…



Sentient Game Examples


Have a few more weeks for the New Years openers… here is a way to jump past pleasantries and begin to seed a connection, using NLP technique

You:Happy New Year
Her: HNE
You: What did you get up to? [this is a rope a dope… good structure to use overall, start with something lame to lower her expectations, you can still convey your frame via posture and eye contact]
Her: blah blah.. what about you? [use her investment as a diagnostic, watch her reaction, how she tells you, how quick, manner etc. You can start to break eye contact here and look around, set up a mini roll off, see how she tries to engage you]
You: [this part has a lot of flexibility… you can neg “Sounds boring” or challenge “how original, you got wasted” or sexualize “so how long was the midnight kiss… Guy or girl?” or just go down the middle with a straight response “interesting… well I did” and into a DHV story about your night… you do have one right?]
You: Any resolutions? [start to laser, close space – this is contrasting the lame convo… still rope a doping but now confusing her a bit]
Her: blah blah. You? [note if she doesn’t ask you, you can just go into “well my resolution is …” You can push the convo forward]
You:Yeah… my resolution this year is to be more… open… to new experiences… right? [good spot for kino to arm, also nod head while saying right] so often we go through the day closed off to people… and miss out… on connections, you know? [slow the speech and spread out the time between points, laser ye, head nod – watch her face… see if a smile is forming at the corners of her mouth… start “lighting up”] I mean, like us now… You feel it… [nod head]
Her:blah blah [laughs or smirks or nods etc.]
You:[this is the action point… NOW you try to move her or take it forward… if you are in a good place, bounce “Here, come with me a sec, you seem interesting” and move toward a seat if in a coffee place, especially a counter seat and lock in… or try and pull for an instadate “come walk with me a sec, I want to grab a coffee (water etc.)”

If bounce
You: “So… tell me… what are you up to today” [logistics! and put her on the back foot a bit] and take it from there

If no bounce
Her: well I have to go do XYZ [ whatever]
You: “Yeah. great. Well write down your number here and we can grab a drink sometime”

Now when we get to feb 2… no more NYE openers… go to the Groundhogs day opener…

You:Happy Groundhog’s Day!
Her: LOL
You: I feel like we’ve done this all before though, right? Met, fallen in love… fought… had crazy make up sex…? right??? No not you? wait was that a movie? IDK… So…. what are you up to?

but is it a good place to pull for more….typically fit to unfit men?

The key for anyplace where you might see the girls over and over is to:

1. Spot the windows
2. Act quickly on your desire
3. Be cool with being rebuffed
4. and if rebuffed, treat her pleasant, cause you never now when she comes back around…

what I see form coffee shop game over and over is you can spike attraction real quick… but then you have to act on it… right away, because usually if you don’t follow through you will quickly move into the FZ and be just another smile and wave and 2 minute chat. SET yourself apart up front – you are a sexual being and sexually interested in her… OWN that frame and even if you don’t progress the interaction, she will still view you differently… So this is where being a cool just get it not hurt dude comes in… she sees you again after a rebuff and you are cool and pleasant and gets her to wondering… then in 2 months whenever she has broken off with whoever, she will often loop back around and reopen you a little more flirty… because you sent out the signal that you are a sexual dude… and THEN you jump through that moment of attraction. Rinse and repeat. women still love guys that own their sexuality and want to fuck them, even if they aren’t actually fucking them… It is rarely a misstep to put desire out there…

Deal with it girl… LOL




So out in one of my fav cities, hit a few happy hour places a little late. Not much going on. So decide to get dinner at this place I really love. At this point I’ve opened maybe two women… Just casual stuff. As I eat I ponder the night ahead and game thoughts intrude where to go what to say blah blah…

I finish up and ground myself.. R E L A X as Aaron Rodgers says. The night is young and it only takes one. My mantra. You have no idea what is in store so don’t stress… Experience has proven if you relax into it and act something usually happens…

So it’s late twilight now little before 8. Great time to do street game. It’s night game disguised as daygame. Single sets… Girls are heading from someplace to someplace, usually back to a shit apartment and a cat. Momentum is your friend and it is easy to bounce for a drink as night descends.

So i do my Bruce Willis in Unbreakable stroll… Just slowly stride through the crowd and let let them wash over me. Keeping open to sensations. I am walking on what the Brits would call the High Street, striding half the speed of the crowd. Upright chest out sloooow. Probably looks ridiculous lol. But I find this creates a little wave around you… Some peacocking as shoals of people open up before you.

I give a few smiles as girls walk by me. A head nod… Just keep strolling. About 10 minutes into this a vision appears 20 feet ahead and approach. Solid 8 blonde, fantastic knee length belted and sleeveless dress, flowing to knee. Nice pearl bracelet… All of it expensive snd super tasteful. Body like a Channel mannequin. Perfect make up. Just fucking elegant and sexy.


She is getting closer. I laser her. She is staring back. I nod. She gives a quick quarter smile as she is about to walk on past – check that – fucking glide sexily past. I stop open my arms out and give her the And? Look. She walks by a few feet turning to look at me and laughs. I walk ahead five feet and back up to a shop window and motion her to come over. She laughs and comes over. I lean back on the window and say ” sooo. What are you doing?” She laughs like I am an idiot and says “I’m walking!” In an EE accent. Ah of course. I love when you just jam girls and they just blurt out exactly what they are thinking. Lol.

She asks what I am doing. I say “Well I just had a fantastic dinner and I am looking to buy a pair of pants… Maybe you can help me. You look like you have a leeeeeetle bit of style about you. She laughs and says “just a little huh” I say “yeah. But I can work with it I guess”. She is lolling. This becomes a call back thing.

So now she shifts gears and says she is walking so I can walk with her if I want to talk. Not the time for a frame battle… So we stroll off together in the direction she is headed. Chat about the pants, her accent, I guess Bulgarian but she says Russian. I say Russian too obvious and boring. She laughs… We pass an architecturally interesting plaza so I say lets go this way… Some leading. Little NPL stuff how beautiful these buildings are. We stop and look around. Some more logistics chit chat. She lives a mile a way. She asks where I am staying I give her the hotel name (mistake!) Which is a couple blocks away. We continue to walk a bit… Close side by side so our arms are bumping. It’s hot out though so I lead her to some benches to sit down. She says well if you are hot we should go inside and have a drink. She points to the tall building ahead and says there is a top floor bar. OK then… Buuuuut my Prodar is now pinging 10/10… This easy?

So i say “No surprises though” and she is what do you mean? I smile and say “we’ll see”… But grab the lead. I say no to that place but I know a cool hidden spot nearby, a dark quiet lounge with good drinks and no attitude. And hidden. She lives here and has no idea. On the way we talk restaurants and I rattle off a dozen places. She is impressed with my local knowledge. I say well I’ve been coming here for 20 years…

So i lead her to this place down a dark alley to a bare metal door with a rough dude standing outside. She gives a me “this real?” Look. I say “come on” give the doorman a What’s up man. He cards her. I say come on man she is 40… Just has good plastic surgery… She lols. This becomes another thing. Take her hand lead her in down a dark hall then turn and boom you are in this cool lounge. She is like wow this is neat… Stride in leading her by the hand like a boss. The bar is full so i get us a booth in the corner.

Perfect. Side by side. Kino tests… She is ok. I keep taking her hand then tossing it off… Back of my mind I’m still thinking OK so what is the deal here… So we have a drink and an app and banter… I’m teasing her a lot but playfull. My drink has a huge flower on it i say ” man if I wasn’t so gay this would be a problem” she is lolling. We talk about her travels etc. I ask what she does and she says “not much” so I say she is a streetwalker and this becomes a thing. Lot of playful stuff, some of the time my arm is around her as we talk and laser, some of the time I am pushing her away and making fun of her.

When we are lasering from 5 inches i go to kiss her and she gives me an elegant cheek and I stop amd pull back. Roll off and tease her “oh I see. Cheeky McCheekster huh” and she laughs and says – check that – drips sexily in the accent “you are not going to ruin my make up”… Ok we will see… But now Prodar is confused… Damn did I misjudge again. I have another drink she doesn’t. She asks about my kids and we talk about that. She just barely mentions wife and I just barely acknowledge same. Totally not a thing for her… Anyhow time to bounce. So we roll out, her on my arm. Walking back TOWARDS my hotel… She says “You are man you should be on street side to protect me” i joke with her and say she is my shield i am too pretty… But I do switch at the corner and she likes that. Euro girls…

So I never mention where we are headed and we turn the corner and there is my hotel and she smiles and says “oh look your hotel” as we are out front… Shit. She remembered the name. I say “yeah but it is too early, lets go next door for another drink” she says she is going to head home. It’s 10 now. She says “we have tomorrow, you will be here”.

So we are embracing. Her fucking body is super super tight, waist must be 20 inches. Stomach to stomach. I go to kiss her again she tries the cheek. I pull back and laser shake my head no. She comes in for a kiss but not a full make out. Some light kissing. Then she says “here take my number, we can get together tomorrow” punch it in and she is like “call it to make sure” and I do… It vibrates and she is smiling “i like it when it vibrates”… Hug and ass caress goodbye… She slinks off…

I scratch my head… Prodar busted? Long con… BB? Huh… We will see.

At one point we did the guess the age thing and she says “guess but be nice… A little compliment”… I stroker her bare upper chest and tell her if she is old this is where the wrinkles are… Guess 24. She is like Yes!… Perfect! I looked her up she is 28… Turns out she is an investor, has family money I guess… And was a dancer and a yoga instructor…

Now what was interesting is that she was undeniably super hot, and smart, sophisticated, a lady and also a child. And I found myself really drawn into this vortex of positive feminine energy… Just enjoying having a smoking hot accomplice. Now I did want to bang but it was a second order item… I’ve been with 6s who were fucking making me hard just being close to them… Raw sex appeal…

Here it was more like a perfect possession. A different feeling. And it wasn’t that i didn’t feel entitled… It was more like I felt well of course now here is my hot Russian girlfriend… Like we were dating. Fucking rom comming… Seriously i could see myself having a nice lobster salad and sancerre lunch… Do a little shopping and THEN go back to bang… Just enjoying her company.


So HABD, is the FI so devious that it draws out our nurturing, protecting, possessing side despite our best efforts?

Strange but fun few hours… We will see if we meet up tonight.



Mini FR. Was out with work colleagues. Get back to hotel bar. Little crowded. They split. About 945. See a woman my age trying to get a drink. Slow service. Walk down by her. She is going past me to get the bartenders attention. I open her with “they are really slow here”. She agrees then continues to get her drink. I hang back at the counter 10 feet away. She gets her drink and comes over. Some chat about the service. There is a fire pit going outside, we are looking at it. She says she wants to go check it out, will i join her.

Go out with her and we are sitting and chat a bit, basic logistics stuff. Too cold to sit so we stand close to the fire. She is trying to see the tv to catch a score. I start to sexualize saying my mom told me if i jerked off i would go blind, and squint to try and see the tv. She is lolling. Then couple of girls comes over to take a picture so we take a picture for them. I introduce her as my mom. She cracks up. When the girls dont by it I say nah we are just married this is our honeymoon amd then everyone around gives a big cheer. She is lolling. I put her in a headlock and pull her in amd kiss her on the forehead. She is lolling.

Some more talk, kids divorce etc. Typical for her age. I’m joking and sexualizing and she starts to say all the stuff i get regularly “so bad” etc. I say lets go in too cold. Now the bar is emptier. We sit at the bar, i ask what she is having and when the bartender comes over i start to tell him then she pipes in and i shake my head clamp my hand over her mouth and tell him. Then she is lolling more and says good move.

Start lasering. She starts with the whole “I’m not going to sleep with you” blah blah your married etc. I say the standard stuff, slow down we khst met stop making plans… Then she is like you do this all the time don’t you! I say nah I’m a virgin. She says you have kids. I say maybe never paternity tested them. Pull her in hold laser then at the point of softening of her features kiss her. Then she breaks off shaking her head. Keep doing this like 5 times each time she is kissing deeper and longer, then my hand on her throat, back of her head pull hair. I’m e joying watching her fight her hamster “no you’re married. Stop you are making this soooo hard” etc. Toying with her. I breath in her ear ” you are soooo wet now” and she shivers squirming in her seat ” uhhhhh stop it stop it. I wont you are married”. After a bit more she jumps up. I’m leaving you’re married. She splits. A few minutes later go out to elevator she is waiting for it, just arrives only two of us on. Some more making out and grinding. Get to my floor come see the view. She stands her ground. Won’t budge. OK then… Have a good night.

Fun warm up.



At the airport 11AM. Have about an hour and 10 to my flight. Take a walk around the terminal, come across a small bar, pushed right up on the walkway. So more of a kiosk. Very exposed, full light coming through the windows all around, people shuffling past. Nothing dark and discrete.

What do I see? Four older dudes slumped in their drinks. An old lady. An empty stool. And a decent looking girl having a beer.

What do you do Culum?

You go up real close to her and with full laser ask if the seat is open (which you know it is). so of course she says oh yes and starts to shuffle her stool a bit so you can get by. That provides the first easy kino opportunity, hand to shoulder “It’s good it’s good. I have room”…

Then ignore, roll of a sec. Address drink – bloody mary – to bar lass. Some convo about well vodka, ask her to hold it up, turn to girl and say “ever hear of that. Looks like shit!” and she’s all no… i know right… finish drink order. Turn to girl – she is tall, has a rockin body, tight jeans and knee high tight suede boots with heels – her face is average, shading to plain. No make up on (more on this later), turns out she is 30, and an accomplished active equestrian (more on this later) so that’s why she has such a tight body. But she does western stuff… so she is more a lower MC country girl… which accounts for some of the plainness i suppose.

So now it’s an easy chat about vodka… I say what kind I usually drink,she tells me I should try Tito’s and I tease her about that. Then move on to her beer. Now you know when you see a girl drinking a beer at 11AM you’ve got some things to work with a) hungover party girl b) raging slut c) nutcase etc… Pre lunch drinking should inform you that you can start off a bit more aggressively in manner… don’t dwell on polite conversation.

so I go into some routines I have about “last night” she’s hungover, rampaging party girl etc… and she is laughing and that gives her an opportunity to kino back “no stop it” because half of my guesses are true. If you just ask her where she is from she isn’t going to laugh and have the chance to arm swat you. And the arm swat gives you the chance to roll off a sec, look down the bar… just a little bit. Just to make her feel a short lull. and let her reopen you.

Now if she doesn’t reopen in 10-15 seconds, sure go back with “so check this out”… and start another thread. But here she fills the void. Think she asked where i was going. Now is time to get logistics sorted – How much time do I have? Where does she need to be? Turns out she is delayed, her flight supposed to go out right about when mine does and from the gate next to mine. Good to know.

logistics sorted… next test. her beer is empty. she orders another. Ok, she is in at least for another drink… So know I start to playfully neg her. She was low level manager in what I knew to be a cube farm so i hit her with this kind of neg “so you work there huh… How do you stay so slim with all that food on every desk. [jars of candy, pretzels etc] You must be the belle of the ball with all those fat women around you”. lol… She got it. A compliment/interest but took her down a peg. she said “yeah well there I am a beauty queen” I finish up with “well that’s why they are pimping you out on a business trip… they can’t sent a fatty”… so another little neg about her “profession”… Talk about day drinking… I say I know you’ve missed a flight at a bar like this. She laughs knowingly. I go into my routine of “you’ve thrown a shoe at a guy. Keyed a car right?” and she tells me a funny story about her car being keyed. She was out gave two guys her number, one she really liked, the other she was being polite. But she forgot who was who, she gets a text to go out from the polite guy, she thinks it’s the hot guy so she is really eager and agreeable. Then the polite guy shows up. She grinds out a date. And later that night the polite guy keys her car…. lol

All is going well now. My plan is to isolate and make out with her before i hop on my flight… lol. we banter some more, some DHV stories from me. And more laser, kino and dominant posture. I like to stand next to them, not sit, with my back to the bar a lot and lean back. This way, in the small area especially we are close to each other, my hip can brush her knee, my shoulders, arms hands etc. in occasional contact. Then when I turn 180 degree and face the bar, my righ hand will be behind her back, on the top of her stool her shoulder, her lower back as things progress… Here we are just close, lasering and bumping a bit. She has her sleeves pushed up and this leads to the third kino point.

I see her right arm, furthest from me has a tattoo on her forearm peaking out under her sleeve. I point “what’s that a tattoo” she is all Oh yeah nothing trying to pull her sleeve down. I say nah let’s see and take her wrist with one hand and push up her sleeve with the other. I keep hold of her wrist while i laser her and tease “what the hell is that?”… she’s laughing “i know I know” It was some kind of black outline symbol, shitty tattoo. So I still have her wrist with one hand and trace the tattoo with my other, then laser her some more… “How drunk was that guy!” and she says “and how drunk was I”… so I let go and we are smirking a bit then she qualifies about the tattoo, she did with her brother and sister, some family symbol thing. So I give her some warmth “that’s nice, really touching to have a strong family bond like that”… She feels all good now.

Then as I am rolling off I see her left wrist has a tiny star on it. So I bust her again “holy shit! Another shitty tattoo! Take that wrist and trace it. “you go to free tattoo day don’t you!” and she laughs and says yeah that one looks really jailhouse. I order another drink. On doing so the old lady next to me tries to engage me in conversation. I pleasantly but quickly disengage her. no DLVing!!! Girl says she needs the bathroom, gathers up her stuff and comes back. Now she has put some make up on, some lipstick… lol.

We go back and forth on some more stories. Beta dude had settled on her other side on a sliver of bar and he is trying to engage her. I let that play out a little while i finish my drink, do a little roll off facing the bar. she is getting fidgety I see. Then she says “there is another bar down the terminal” I say great let’s go try it, but I only have time for one more, so don;t get any ideas. [her flight has some rolling delay] So we stroll down there together. More of a BF/GF vibe forming. All good so far…

Get down to the other bar, it’s a U shape in the middle of the terminal surrounded by gates. no walls…. So much for isolation. Take our seats. Order another round. She tries to order a Miller light (WTF!) and they don’t have it. I tell the bartender to just bring her the shittiest beer they have. The frat guy next to us cracks up. we have a conversation about douchebags… she says she is over them, but I tease her she can’t give them up… [more on this later]. she is fluffing her hair now all the time, all good. Then I see another little tat on the back of her neck. So i’m like Holy Shit! what another one!!! And I turn her around, pull her hair aside and trace this one on the back of her neck… I say “well you must have the lower back one” and she cuts me off “The tramp stamp?” I say yeah… She smirks uh huh… I say what is it. A big Cladaugh ring. I’m like holy shit wtf where you thinking… let me see. She demures no no I can’t. I turn her around and compliance test her with strong eye contact – show me. She puts her head down and says no “i’m all tucked in”… So compliance test failed.

OK… little roll off. some more banter. Now we are getting on about an hour, I need to get to my flight. I say let’s go, let’s go check the gate, since she is the next one. So we roll up there. Lot of bumping into each other side by side as we walk. Get to the gate. My flight is about to board. Time is short. wish there was more time… She starts to tell me about her horse riding. I go into “I’ve always hear girls have their first orgasms on their horses”… she is smirking/smiling says no not her. I press her on it Liar. She says well when she was 12 definitively had tingles… I say I knew it… Then she teases me about being a douchebag… coming into town staying at fancy places… i tell her she loves it. “Why did we only meet now though?” I say. She says she has to go use the bathroom and my flight is boarding and she needs to find out what happened to her flight [I’m pretty sure she missed it at this point} I tell her your gate is closed you missed it… lol

So a hard break point… I tell her to come her. She comes in close for a hug, puts her cheek right next to mine so I nuzzle her ear/neck. As we break I tell her to come here – kiss me… with strong laser. Right hand on her hip. she say “you are so forward… sir” was pretty sexy drawl the way she said it. Kiss me. She comes in but cheeks me again. we are close hands on hips. Looking at her. Kiss me… she says it again.. “you ARE so forward… sir”… So we say goodbye. I tell her to be nice to douchebags and watch the clock when she’s at a bar in an airport. She laughs… I get on my flight.

Interesting looking back I did not move to kiss her, just wanted to see if the command would work. Oh well. Not this time.

No big deal. Off to flirt with the girl in the seat next to me.



So I am away at this nice hotel. Work stuff. I am waiting for my lunch meeting to meet me in the lobby. I see an atttractive older woman sitting in a chair so I go over and sit next to her.

After a few minutues of fiddling with my phone open her with general “how is your day going commentary”. We chit chat in a basic social way. Very light. We have some mutual interest in the non profit world. Very cordial basic social chat. She is not stayimg here but in town for a day of meetings. I see my lunch appointment in the lobby and disengage. She gives me her card to be in touch etc. So I say well i am here so if you around at five I’ll probably be in the bar over there. She says she isn’t sure but text her later.

Go about my day. Around three I am taking a break in the lobby and she comes back in and we chat briefly. She says she is running out to meetings, I’m like yeah great I’m just taking a break myself… To ward of any chasing vibe. She says something like she’s not sure if she will be around later. I don’t care so am very social and chill… Yeah yeah nice meeting you etc.

Finish my day. Get to the bar at 530 and sit next to a 30yo 8 Serbian chick who is an absolute feisty blast. So we have it going on right off the bat with teasing laughing mutual pushing and such kino. Fun girl. Then her friend comes in amd she is a very tall slim ex model type but not as fun. Bullshit with them for like 20 minutes. Fun vibe but i am taking over and it is BFF time… You can feel it.

So I look behind me and see lobby woman at a table finishing a glass of white wine. So she’s been there a while and watching me with these two. I tell the Serb I see my friend, she grabs my arm and sats come and join us in an hour. I go over to the lobby woman’s table and take a seat.

Now maybe some of the older dudes can relate to this. She is a year older than me, so 50. Probably objectively a 6 I guess. Very very beautiful face. Blue eyed long full haired blonde with a pageant winner look about her. And very stylishly dressed in heels skirt and blouse. As an almost 50 year old you have a very wide range… Whatecer you find attractive works wether 18 or 50.

So we pick up and each have another drink and it is very safe social chat for like 30 minutes. Get into kids, her ex, etc. Typical middle aged woman topics. I’m not even running much game just being social. We have some kids similar ages so chat about that and I give her some advice as to what is coming that she appreciatea. She want to have The Talk with her early teen son and I tell her have a guy do it it’s not a mom’s place you will fuck him up lol. She thanks me for this.

So I turn up the heat. Get into her first time etc. Sexualize. For her she was a goody goody sorority girl so happened just after graduation when she took her first job in the big city. As a pharma detail girl… So typical. Now I am lasering her andput my hands on the table and she starts touching them to emphasize points. In a very social way.

Eventually i just take her hand and am holding it and stroking her palm and wrist while we talk of schools and real estate and other mundane topics. I suggest another drink at a place around the block. She is unsure has to drive home to kids an hour away. I say it’s just 630 plenty of time. So cash out and start to bounce. Fucking hate waiters and bartenders they always put the girls drinks on your tab. Sexists.

We start to head out I say I want to grab a jacket come with me. This is Culum’s wallet gambit. She hems and haws. I say pfffffff. We get to the elevator and she says I’ll wait here I can’t go to your room we just met… Blah blah. Now I am lasering her hard and my frame is…please child with your bullshit. But she is resolute. There is a hallway nearby to the bathrooms and an old school vestibule for phone calls. She sees that and is like well I can go here.

Walk into the vestibule. It has a short counter running along the wall and is pretty private except for some people going to the mens room. Lol. I have her hand and push her up against the wall and we start making out. Pretty hot. She is agreat kisser and very feminine. After 5 minutes of this I say come on up this is bs. But she is resolute. Now I amp it all the way up.. Grim look. Hand on throat, push her up on the counter and spread her legs with mine. Deep sexy makeout. She is moaning and panting. I move to put my hand up her skirt and she catches my wrist to stop me. I pin her back against the wall with my arm across her chest. Other hand up her skirt and she is dripping.

Roughly jam two then three fingers in her and 3 minutes later she is convulsing and losing her shit and then she squirts and splooges a pint of fluid down her legs onto the floor. Splashes some on my suede shoes. Fuck. But she totally loses it. ” oh my god oh my god oh my god. What’s happening. OMG. That’s never happend ” gasping and breathless.

I take my soaked fingers and shove them in her mouth and she blows them. “taste youself… It’s good.” And then back to some more finger action. She comes like 10 times. Her skirt is drenched. She unravels starts tearing at me. I choke her lightly and firmly tell her no marks. She apologizes. Hands all over me in my shirt. She loses her shit again. “oh my god.you have such a hit body.”. Pays to be rock hard gents, there is a difference.

So she is rubbing my cock and I take it out and she starts a hj on me moaning “sentient sentient come for me”. But there are dudes going back and forth from the bathroom so I just ward her off and button ip. Too weird. Push her back again against the wall… 4 or 5 more gaspinf shuddering orgasms for her. She is a fucking wet mess…

Then we go back to light making out. I tell her she is hot. She goes into ” who… Who are you? How did this happen. OMG I’ve never come like that” she grabs me and says deeply into my eyes “that is the best I’ve ever had! How. How did you do that!”… I toss some movie lines at her… ” come on. We both knew this afternoon the moment we saw each other this would happen”. She says she thought I was cute but had no idea we would be here.

Then I tell her to be cool. Dont contact me. She says she would never try and ruin what I have at home. She is limp. Totally fucking spent. Just a little girl. But she is grinning a mischievous grin as she tries to put herself together. Hair is a wreck. Splooge all over her. Panties soaked. I kiss her gently goodbye. She whispering over and over “omg. Omg. Who ARE you…????”. Take care babe. She goes to the bathroom to compose. It’s like 715 now. I wash up. Bounce out to a glorious dinner solo.

End up in a good mood. Just opening everything. Dominant. Cocky. Bit of an ass. Lol.. After some drinks out head back to the bar, instawing a chubby dude there… Run some game on a stripper girl in from vegas. Hot girl. But she wont bounce with me to another bar. Go there with instawing. As we are going in three hit chicks are leaving. I ask if the place is closed they say it’s all guys. I say fuck that, grab the hand of an 8 skinny black model type chick and drag them all in. Instawing is like what the fuck?

so we roll up to the bar with three hot chicks. She was right about 10 dudes there. I roll off blacky and grab the blonde. Arm around her back pull her in. What do you want? Fuck it i am feeling magnanimous… She wants pinapple juice. I’m like wtf? Pull her close, laser. Kiss me I say. She kisses my cheek. I roll off of her to the redhead with big tits. Pull her in lift her up in my arms tits all pressed up on me. She is cackling. So this is a bit of a scene. Drinks start to come I turn to instawing and bring him in.

Then some dude comes over from the corner and jumps in the set. Typical. I roll off turn to the bar a bit. Have a drink them go back into the convo with “rape? Did you say rape? To the guy. Was a self amusing statement but he gets all white knighty… “no man you cant say that” im laughing at his agrro. I just did. I can say it its a word. Girls love it actually (to the girls)… Smile.

He loses his shit now and want to fight over ” something so serious as rape man!”. Im looking around like is this cat for real. Instawing shrivels in the corner… Thanks bro. Anyhow the girls all split leaving the pineapple juice. I tell dude to swing if he wants, while kicked back locked in on the bar. He sputters and since the girls are gone walks off…

I turn to instawing and point to the pineapple juice and start cracking up… Fucking pineapple juice. I tell him im not paying for that…

Then aggro dude comes by on his way out and apologizes. I shale his hand tell him all is cool. He splits. Ask the guys next to him, one i know from biz if he is with them? They say no just some random dude. So I say let’s split and go back to the other bar. Roll in there and the model girl from the other night is leaving. I grab her and hug her and introduce her to my instawing as my girlfriend. She is laughing. I am a bit wasted by this point but in a good mood. Bust her balls a bit. But no good game run. She was leaving so she hugs me goodbye and tells me she will be back in NYC Friday and will text me. Whateves I wont be there anyway…

Merge into a group of ten other dudes We know and a few women… Then another guy comes down to bitch his wife out for being in the bar when their kid is upstairs and wants her. Its like 1230 now. He turns to me like do you believe this shit? Turns out we have some work in common. He is a guy who has the inside track on this big deal. He tells me the guy i am dealing with is an ass and will fuck it up so call him and he will square things up. Sweet! We swap cards. They close the bar and chase us all out.

Fun night.



Heading to a post-event reception. Run into a client… Have two drink with him. Get to reception as it’s fizzling out. Roll into lobby bar.

Single cute girl call 6.5 at bar. Blow up to her (cough Culum) and start some banter. Barman knows me so he’s johnny on the spot with my usual as i bust her chops over the chips they serve.

I knew in 1 minute this was pretty solid. She was a feisty redhead just my type. So nice when they play their parts… So I’m grooving into kino heavy jerkboy mode and she is giving it back when another guy i do business with comes up and joins us. Turns out they know each other and have a long business relationship. Rounds all around. I dial down a bit but she is still free with kino.

Drinks lead to my dinner invite so we three roll to a restaurant. Long wait. Two rounds go by with lot’s of joking banter and kino.

We eat. More of the same. Some under the table kino the other guy can’t see. End meal other guy is a bit wasted. Have one more at the bar and we head out. He is headed south she and i headed north. Tell him don’t worry I’ll see her home. We head out. My hotel is a few blocks before hers.

As he is out of sight i take her hand and we stroll hand in hand. Bumping along the way. She is married and has a three year old btw… Get to my hotel and she is all ” well let’s just say goodnight here”… I laugh at her and pull her in… She tries to cheek me. I pause hold up. Laser her… She tilts her head back and we make out. We break off and she is all seriously just go to bed. I tell her no I’ll walk her back to her place. She’s all seriously nothing is going to happen. I say no hands I’m a gentleman. She gives me a dubious glance.

I take her hand and we walk.. She says what about no hands? I say here take my arm… Boyfriend and girlfriend. So we walk arm in arm up the street. Come by a deep alcove on a storefront and i pull her in. She doth protest… Not for long. Deep make out. Hands under her dress skirt… Hands under her bra. She’s into it. But break off. No no no…. Nothing is going to happen.

I say yeah lets go. Walk a few more storefronts to an even deeper alcove… Pull her in she says no but is eager. Long make out. Pull her dress down in front and free her tits. Suck and play. She is losing it. Make out some more. Hand up her skirt rub her clit… She comes quickly… Then some more protesting… I say I’m going to fuck you right here and she goes limp but recovers quick Noooooo i can’t I’m making good choices! I bite my lip to not laugh at this. Some more making out then she’s like you go home. I say life is short and we need to follow the sparks… She says yeah I like you your hot but I’m married. I say so am I so it’s a good match…

She says no go to your hotel. I say no I’m walking you to your hotel. She says you can’t come up. I say that’s fine I’m going to go to the bar and fuck some other girl there. Get to the hotel walking in a good-looking girl sitting with a guy in the lobby. I say her… I’ll fuck her then… Get the elevator she’s all no this is it. You can’t come up. We make out some more in the elevator then I leave her. She’s all I’m not leaving till late tomorrow we can get together again. I say yeah whatevs… Go to then lobby bar. Nothing happening.

Roll back to my hotel and BAM… All the chicks there are now staring at me. Like they can smell fresh pussy juice on my hand. One older woman getting into the elevator with her family does a full one eighty staring at me go by her. I give her a wink.

In the bar a solid 8 with an older dude is looking at me a smile at her and she smiles and lowers her head. I’m like fuck yeah bitches…. A few escorts scurry to me and i tease them. Was fun. Sitting a bar stool away and ignoring them and forcing them to lean all the ways over to listen to me.

Alas the post-dinner crowd of work folks descends and I dial down a notch or two and proceed as normal.



A FR on a Friday afternoon. Ran into a guy from this report not long ago, situation where you are in a bar in a different city and you come across a guy you know and neither of you have a reason to be in the same place at the same time “hey what are you doing here?” style. Brought it to my mind again. One of my best pick ups and probably the douchiest at the same time… Never wrote up more than a little snippet because it was a little to close to work related…

Anyhow this guy, call him Bubba. He is a big bluff ex jock, with a really deep baritone loud voice, mid 30’s. The kind of guy who at 6’2″ still goes around mostly in cowboy boots (along with dark jeans and a blazer) and tries to AMOG everyone he interacts with. He fancies himself a real ladies man (he is married) and I’ve been at events with him and have seen him pick up and also just go with escorts… so that is Bubba.

I’m at an event tangentially related to biz, on the fringe. Hanging out in a hotel lounge. This hotel has two lounges, one is fairly standard hotel lounge and the other is more of a sleek club but no dance floor. So I am at the normal lounge, having a drink hanging out and two smoking hot escorts come buy and try to get some play. I banter with them a bit and they go off and soon snag a 65 YO grey haired dude LOL. So the next night I am at this same bar and there is a two set next to me of mid 20’s 6’s having a drink. I open them and say something like “listen if you two are looking to get paid here I just want to tell you I’m not into that”… So an aggressive open. and one of them goes “did you just call us whores” and starts getting agitated. I’m thinking well there is a reaction, not the best! but I can work with this…LOL I start to go into “well I was here last night and these two escorts came up and blah blah” One of the girls is getting warmed over, the other is still like “uh… really you need to go”.

So while I am unwinding this, still pretty sure I can turn it around Bubba sees me and comes over. we had met before but not friends and he is like “hey hey what’s going on here” and puts his arm on my shoulder…. the one girl goes “he called us whores” and now Bubba sees the chance to WK so he flips around and is going “dude no… really? Oh man you are doing this ALL wrong” a bit loud so the girls can hear him. I’m calm and saying relax I got this but he keeps it up. The girls don’t bite and go off. so I’m having another drink and thinking thanks a lot you fucker. He is over in the corner now talking to some other people.

Then guy #2 comes into the lounge, this guy I know as well and have done a little work with. He is a very well known private jet wealthy guy. super rich… older guy late 50’s. Tall thin grey haired. Always in pinstripes. call him Rich. He is also a big time player, either with escorts or whoever is around. He sees me and waves and I go over and the three of us are chatting a bit. Bubba is saying “oh man I just rescued this guy he called two girls whores LOL” so I’m just calm, relaxed, shake my head “I told you I had that” but he is just guffawing it off. No worries. Rich and I chat a bit about our last biz together. It’s about 9PM now and people are starting to come back from dinner, mostly guys. Then a 5’7″ blonde comes in with a group of older women and men and Rich points to her and Bubba says “oh her, she is my partner in NY” with a very lascivious grin on his face. she is mid 30’s no stunner but trim blue eyed blonde kinda like Kate Hudson. Maybe 7. But very bangable. Rich is locked on “call her over” and Bubba says “look I know her she is tough, you aren’t getting anywhere with her” but he call her over.

So this is how it starts.

she comes over and he introduces Rich to her and he starts running his “I am old and very rich” game on her. Interesting to observe. Bubba clearly wants to bang her as well and is trying to exercise a propriety grip on her… I roll off to the couple next to me and ignore her at first. Couple next to me are tourists… beutiful but older woman and her well mannered husband.. She tells me she is from “Alll uh bemma” so I probably won’t understand her. I laugh and tell her she has a beutiful voice “I could sit hear and listen to read the phonebook” and she erupts at this and kinos my arm “ohhh you aruh sooo sweeeeet”, her husband is drinking a martini not caring at all.

So now I roll back to the group and say something to Rich and then Bubba says to the 7 [let’s call her Maude because I make fun of her name with a man’s name], oh this is Sentient. And she, smelling that I know the Big Guy well stiffens up like a good little feminist man, cocks her arm at 90 degrees and holds out her hand for a “very firm handshake” and a very professional introduction. Heh heh… Here. We. Go. She says “Hello I am Maude, so nice to meet you”… I take her hand and while pumping it vigorously start in with a mocking professional voice “Hi I’m Claude. It is so nice to meet you. I hope if you have any transactional needs I will be able to present my firm’s services sometime” at this her jaw opens and she does not know how to respond… I’m still holding her hand and I go into “wow… who taught you how to shake hands with people? That’s amazing. Do you know you are a woman… You should have a nice feminine handshake… like this” and I demo a womanly soft hand under form of shake… “jeez stop trying to act like a man Claude”… Now this was all said in a fun way with a smirk. It reads harsher than it came off but it was an neg of nuclear proportion to her.

She regroups herself and laughs it off and we chit chat a little bit. I am locked in leaning back against the bar in a typical posture. They are talking among the three of them. I check over on the older woman and the guy. The three of them get set to bounce to the back bar. she says “we are going to the other bar” I nod and say “OK… I will be there”. They split and I settle up my tab. Take a good 10 minutes to go over. get to the back bar, order a drink, it is livelier, darker, younger, not too crowded people around but clear sightlines all areas. get my drink look around see the three of them and go over. Rich is now a few drinks in and running his game stronger on Maude “I’m old, we should have sex… it will be terrible” it’s pretty funny he is lowering his value in a humorous way… Bubba is being a loud AMOG type going into war stories. I say “hello Claude” and she comes over to give me an earful… we are close and bantering a bit back and forth.. she telling me about her life and qualifying to me she says at one point “you know I fuck 28 YO guys” like it was a brag. she was feisty… I am super calm, hand on my hip, close to her and say “well that’s like me saying I fuck 60 YO women, you know that right?” completely dismissing her boast and BAM! her jaw drops again. OMG!

we banter a bit more and I am lasering her now close, one hand on her waist… the bubble is forming and I pull her in for a make out. delicious moment. Bubba and Rich are 20 feet behind us, her back is to them a loud “whoa!” goes up from them and I am smiling to myself and then…the douchy moment… I give them a thumbs up while continuing the make out. LOL “Whoa!” again from them and they are slapping each other and pointing…

So I break the make out… and we go back to some bantering but the deal is not done yet… We go back over to the group and they all start talking. She is very engaged now with the other two, trying to get me to chase her. I remain calm, roll off the group, head to the bar and give her my back. call the Hard 9 model bartender over and just ask the most basic bullshit tourist questions to keep her over by me for 5 minutes… get another drink. Now Maude is up and circulating by me. I am leaned back against this bar and chatting with her, now more rapport stuff, where she lives (little town I know well) what she does in free time etc. while this is going on I am using strong boyfriend familiar kino… not sexual but hand on her waist while she talks, my head turned away from her so she can talk into my ear, but I can keep eye contact broken and survey the room. she says to me now “you know nothing is going to happen here right?” and I tell her with a smirk “well we will see how you play your cards” and her jaw drops again…

I make her work for it some more Now she is getting animated at one point and starts to get loud telling a story and curses and this pisses me off… Like WTF?! act right. and I pull her hand hard, pulling her close to me and with the other i put my hand completely over her mouth, clamped tight and sternly say “Hey!… chill out…” at this her eyes go DDB and she completely melts into me when I take my hand off her mouth and she says “i’m, sorry…” with her head down… then looking up at me. I smile at her and say “it’s cool” and lighten the mood and we continue to chat. But she is not done yet…

Shortly after this she circles back over to the table with Bubba and Rich and they try one more time… she keeps looking over at me and I’m not budging… for a good 10 minutes… Then I slowly go and grab a chair next to their table and at this she comes over and sits next to me. it’s starting to get lateish for this place, near 12 now. I’m leaning back in my chair and she leans back in hers and puts one leg up over my leg [interesting I have had this exact same thing happen a few times now when seated like this]… I’m running my hand slowly up the back of her leg from calf to mid thigh, twirling around the back of her knee… she has a dress on so you cant see it. Lasering her while talking about nothing, leaned back yet, drink in my other hand.. She is going off into a trance…

After a few minutes of this I get up and she gets up and we go back up to the bar… I’m getting ready to leave. Run into another guy who is a major heavy hitter in this biz and I know him and she does as well. he is having a nightcap. we are hand in hand and she says to this guy “hey do you know Sentient” and him, being a supreme player and super savvy says “sentient… evryone knows sentient. he is the real deal” THANK YOU! I say to myself… we exchange pleasantries and slide down. I pay out my tap and she is swinging my hand around and DDB’ing me sweetly now and says “sooooo…. now what?” and this wa sperfect because my natural incredulous reaction just came out “pfffft!… You know what” I say. and she goes “uh huh, let’s go”…

I am staying at this place [Logistics!] so we walk to the lobby and get on the elevator. Rich is there as well and we all get on together. he runs no more game… he is heading to the top floor. I say to her “this is us” and as we walk out “Good seeing you Rich!”. get to my room and she kicks off her heels and jumps into my arms, jamming her tongue down my throat… I lift her dress up over her head, leaving it there and push her back onto the bed. get between her legs and rip her panties in half. the band is too strong I can’t get that so leave it ripped front to back LOL. Finger her hard and she is cumming right away, flip her over on the bed and have my way… just a rough 5-10 minutes… we stop and she is panting and flushed and gets up to use the bathroom. her phone is blowing up and she is laughing from the bathroom… Bubba is looking for her, they are at the same hotel and she comes out and says she has to go… I’m laying on the bed undressed now ready for the rest of the night and she just splits, runs off no goodbye kiss…. LOL

The next day I get up and look in the bathroom garbage and see her ripped panties have been left… I take them and throw them in a garbage in the lobby bathroom… No FRA gents!



The GAME Video Game

Ever heard of the cool new video game that teaches dudes about GAME through a series of interactive lessons (and skewers feminism at every turn)?

That’s because Vox Day, video game maker, and Heartiste, GAME sensai, haven’t put their heads together (in the name of science) to teach the teachable ones.

Just a thought guys.



Beta Beware #1 – The Hyphen

I have a theory. A woman who insists on keeping her maiden name and going with a hyphen last name is more likely to cheat on her future husband, thus future husbands should avoid this big mistake.

Any husband that allows this is a pushover to a hamster.

Any woman asking for this is a selfish bitch.

This about it. A woman with a hyphenated name is not equal to the husband. See how the following sound:

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith – nice and homogenous. Equal and together.

Mr. Smith and Mrs. MeeFirst-Smith – complicated and selfish. Unequal and segregated (like the term African-American).

I’ll try to find divorce records and see if I can find a difference between hyphenated names and regular names.


Beta Spotting #1

I was at Chipotle yesterday and I’m in line behind a man and his son. The dude looks like a docile herb, but on the higher end of the scale. He’s quiet and his, say, 7-year-old son is next to him displaying the same quietness and passiveness. In front of them is a woman holding a little girl in her arm with another 3-year-old girl at her side. She’s tall, slender and has that nice-girl look – not too much makeup, talks pleasantly and holds herself well with slight modesty to her vibe. She orders what seems to be a lot of food for her and her two daughters. They scoot up a bit in the line.

I’m expecting the guy and his son to scoot up a bit since it was now their turn to order, but the guy doesn’t order, just scoots behind the woman a bit looking like he’s lost or awaiting some sort of instruction. I’m wondering if the guy already ordered or if he’s just going to follow the line until he reaches the  cash register and ask for a drink or something. Then it happens.

The woman turns to the man and says, “Get us some napkins and grab a table, okay?” The guy barely whispered a response and him and his son scurried off as instructed.

Another defeated man spotted. I ordered and left.

The whole incident only took one minute but it revealed so much about this guy. Here was a man that was totally willing to take the position as back-seat observer to whatever his wife was initiating. Prior to my red-pill discovery, I would not have noticed such gutlessness.

Here’s what this guy should have done. He should have walked IN FRONT of his wife, asked her what she wanted and told her to get some napkins and save a seat. He should have done this so that his son sees what leading the way looks like. But this kid, through his father’s inactions, will learn to follow behind a woman’s whims and to become a white-knight or manboob.

What a sad sack that guy was. I wanted to tell his so SO FUCKING BADLY.

Again, the woman carried herself quite pleasantly, and she seemed to be a feminine, demure woman that any guy would like to meet. But, she was calling the shots and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind someone giving her a one-minute break.

Fuckin sad.

Alpha Sperm – Women have it soooo much tougher than men!

Let’s compare how tough life is between the sexes by starting this debate at the biological process of sex itself.

A woman’s egg get’s released from the ovaries and makes it’s way to a fallopian tube – but how? Does the egg have legs? How about a tail? How does it propel itself to it’s destination, thus earning itself pride in having broken a sweat in the whole reproductive adventure? It doesn’t propel itself. Like Cleopatra having four beta-orbiters carry her around on a litter, the egg floats along it’s route on a rainbow-river of fluid, like a butterfly, carefree and lazy, able to use it’s iPhone to check Facebook updates until it’s subsidized trip of leisure is complete.

And does the egg have competition from other eggs? No, the egg mustn’t fight 90-500 million other eggs, each frantically rocking about trying to crack each other into egg omelets to ensure victory. Why? Because only one egg makes the journey. Like an evolutionary governmental minority set-aside policy, competition is kept away from our solitary snowflake of an egg.

And where are these eggs stored until it’s time for their journey? In some thin carry-on bag someplace vulnerable outside a woman’s body? No, the eggs are safely inside the woman’s body, making it virtually impossible for someone to yell, “Kick her in the nuts,” and damage the fragile egglettes.

Let’s compare the journey of the egg to the journey of the sperm.

Are sperm kept inside a nice safe place inside a man’s body? No, they are kept in a paper-thin bag that is easy for a feminist to yell, “Kick him in the nuts,” and succeed in doing so.

When a man ejaculates, does only one sperm come out, thus making it feel like a special snowflake,  a chosen-one to go on a special journey of eat/pray/love self-discovery? No, some 90-500 million sperm must compete for the prize of reproduction. Only the strongest of the lot will succeed. Only a 1 in 500-million chance of success – how’s that for a tough dating market?

And do these sperm get to float on a liquid raft on their carefree destination to the egg? No, in fact, the sperm have tails so they can swim against the current of the female’s vaginal flow that is actively trying to keep all intruders out.

Once the ToughMudder physical journey is complete at the egg, do the sperm get invited into the egg with an open door, a smile and a nice home-cooked meal? No, the egg acts like it isn’t home, and the sperm must use their enzymes to chisel through the fortress walls — before other sperm do the same, or a woman’s natural defenses kill them off.


That’s amazing stuff!

You were right feminists!

Women do have it soooo much tougher then men right from the get-go.